A Glimpse into 2020

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness.

-Charles Dickens

Happy New Years 2020

That famous passage from A Tale of Two Cities is as applicable today as it was back then, as 2020 brings the beginning of three major cycles with the Saturn (Limits and Boundaries), Pluto (Death and Rebirth), and Jupiter (Amplifier) conjunctions. These are world-altering changers. All the planets will now be in forward moving cycles. Siddha master Dr. Baskaran Pillai said that this time is the beginning of the “Golden Age” of Aquarius. As long as we can be disciplined (Saturn) with our spiritual practices (Jupiter), we can create major and magical transformations (Pluto).

My BFF Devi Jacobs’s Motto for this year is: Miracles a Plenty in 2020. (Originated by Joanne Black.) Miracles are available to us for we have amazing tools to create, heal, and evolve.

Right off, I would like to apologize that you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have been extremely internal and working hard on finishing my A Toolkit to Awakening Series. I just created a new Tarot deck digitally with the help of my assistant, Farah. It was great fun and a lot of work to make 78 different collages, and now I am finishing the book on the Tarot. This will be my eighth finished book and I will be starting the publishing process in 2020. Included in this blog are some of these archetypal images.

On Christmas, we had a Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn 6 minutes along with a Jupiter (Expansion, Luck and Exaggerations). Solar Eclipses are more intense New Moons, when the Sun (Ego, Purpose, and Consciousness) conjuncts the Moon (Needs and Feelings). This is a time to plant new seeds and the effects can last as long as 6 months.

Traditionally Eclipses are a time of great change and we fear change. They have an element of unpredictability. We tend to be more hyped and sensitive emotionally. The sky is dark and we may not have enough information. Nothing is as bad or as good as it seems. We are advised to wait for any major decision for a couple weeks.

In the Tarot the Devil card represents Capricorn and is “lived” spelled backwards. Here we have Pan or Bacchus, the God of Sensuality and Merriment in Greek mythology, which is represented by a character in a white sheath with the head of a goat with twisted horns. We are to look at how we limit ourselves, how we box ourselves into our beliefs. We are reminded to keep a sense of humor, not take slights so personally, and be tenacious and determined.

Devil Tarot Card

Here are some questions to ask:

In my Astrological chart, do I have anything around 2 to 6 degrees or from 18 to 25 degrees in Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra or Gemini or Leo?

In what house are these Capricorn planets transiting, which is the area of my life that is being affected by these conjunctions?

Can I dig deeply and search for what is true in that area and experience a transformation?

What can I do for my body and my spirit to regenerate and renew myself?

2020 signifies balance, harmony and perfect vision. It adds up to a 4 year, which is the Emperor in the Tarot, which is designated to the sign Aries (Energetic Initiator). The themes of leadership, authority, structures, responsibility, power, taking action, and accessing support are all elements with which this archetype deals. He is the pioneer, builder and doer and wants results and worldly rewards. My image is the old order being expressed through courage and action. This year we need to redefine what power looks like.

Emperor Tarot Card

The Fool is also a powerful archetype for 2020 as we have two zeros in that number. The Fool is the liberator, who embarks on the spiritual adventure and represents the state of mystical, ecstatic, wonder that is inherent within us. This androgynous being helps us jumps from fear to collective community and expanded states of consciousness.

Fool Tarot Card

Here are some questions the Emperor and the Fool instills and that we may see collectively:

How can I own my own authority?

Is there anyone with whom I give my authority to?

What kind of world do I want, what am I creating, and how can I move toward that vision?

What is truly important for me to hold and empower?

What action, thought, dream, or creativity can my innate spirit express?

Where is there fear in my life?

Who am I without my fears, pains, and the limiting labels?

What adventure is calling me?

How can I bring anticipation, awe, and curiosity to my life?

2020 is most significant because the long anticipated conjunction of dark Saturn (Taskmaster, Authority) and heavy Pluto (Catalytic Rotor Rooter, Primal Power) is upon us in practical pragmatic Capricorn. The Emperor themes and its shadow or abuses are interrelated here. This conjunction will be exact on January 12th. Capricorn rules government, commerce, economics, and structures. It will be starting an ongoing process that will unfold over decades.

Saturn represents the Tarot card, the Universe. We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us and it is a co-creation. We have living potencies within us with powers and we can influence our lives.

Universe Tarot Card

If Saturn Pluto conjunction connects with you personally, the energy can stimulate a forced purge of the old life, followed by looking at what is real and valid and how to overcome obstacles, and then opening to a greater development. These energies are personally hitting me in the most profound way. They are also opposing Trump’s Venus (Creativity, Values and Relationships) and his Saturn (Limitations, Structures), which are creating a crisis and demanding reorientation and reevaluation. It indicates considerable tension and pressure to surrender and let go, as things are in a state of change. Stay tuned.

On January 10th, this massive conjunction is opposite the Moon and close to the Sun in the Lunar Eclipse (A Powerful Full Moon) of Cancer/Capricorn at 20 degree along with Mercury (Mind), and Ceres (Nurturer).

All of these planets square troublesome Eris (Retributive Justice) in Aries. Also Uranus (Unexpected, Shocking Changes) goes station direct, which should influence this time.

Several of Astrologers have predicted a switch in Queen Elizabeth’s career as this Lunar Eclipse is affecting her Nodes (Destiny) and Uranus (Changer) is on her Sun (Position in Society) as well as Prince Charles’ Moon (Mother and Feelings) at his Midheaven (Career).

As for the other aspect, Jupiter (Excess) will conjunct Pluto (Power) three times in April, June, and November. This is the “might makes right” connection and will focus more on megalomania leaders and exposure of abuse. Jupiter may also instill ethical considerations and bring to light foreign powers, spying, and cyber disruption (Pluto).

Jupiter is designated to the Tarot card the Wheel of Fortune and we need to stay open, objective, and keep adding fire to our creativity. This great benevolent instills expansion and abundance.

Fortune Tarot Card

In December 2020, Jupiter (Expansion) will conjunct with Saturn (Consensus Reality) at 0 degrees Aquarius, marking the beginning of a new social order. This is the start of a 20-year social economic cycle and could represent a paradigm shift as it is in an air sign, rather than an earth sign. It is a volatile time as we have some intense aspects that ask us to handle a destructive ego.

Remember this January the Saturn and Pluto conjunction is the beginning of a huge planetary cycle. We have been feeling its affects a while through its position in the sky. Because of elliptical orbit of Pluto, the conjunction happens ever 31 to 38 years and signifies reforms and breakdowns (Pluto) of sovereign states (Saturn).

The Aeon/Judgment is the card in the Tarot that symbolizes Pluto. This is a powerful transformative energy, like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly and symbolizes rebirth and regeneration.

Aeon Tarot Card

Rick Tarnas wrote that historically the Saturn Pluto alignments correspond to challenging periods, which are marked by intense contractions and international crisis and conflicts, empowerment of reactionary forces and totalitarian impulses, organized violence and oppression, and feelings of gravity and tension. Widespread transformation happened through conservative reaction, crisis and termination.

Here are some times of the last conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto:

In 1883, the conjunction was in late Taurus and we had many bank closures and the halting of giving loans after major expansion.

In 1914, the conjunction was in early Cancer. WWI was breaking out, which shattered great global empires and created the need for banking reform.

In 1947 it was in mid Leo and brought changes as it was two years after WWII, and Japan and Germany lost their empires and the cold war began. Pakistan split from India and Israel took over Palestine.

The last time they were conjunct was in 1982 when they were in late Libra, which was the beginning of the rumblings of terrorism. (The 9/11 event was the half cycle with the opposition.) In 1982, it was the Reagan/Thatcher era when the “trickle-down” economics were initiated, which created the wild disparity of income where the top 10% held nine times the wealth of the lower 90%.

It is interesting to see when this powerful conjunction was in Capricorn. The last time was 1518, which was when the European conquest and colonization of the Western hemisphere began. The Spanish Cortes came to South America without permission with 12 stolen ships and 630 men. To keep the men there, he burned most of his ships and eventually wiped out the Aztec culture in about 20 years.

It was also the time of Martin Luther who proposed an academic discussion of the practice of indulgences in his Ninety-five Theses of 1517, along with the printing press that forced the Catholic Church to reform.

There is nothing warm and fuzzy about Saturn and Pluto. This is the immovable object and the irresistible force. We have political upheaval, a country divided, blurred lines between facts and fiction, coercive authorities, a lack of optimism, and defensive striking out in responses to fear. Yet, we have enormous power and the tools to make positive change, if we work with Saturn and see Pluto, which is beyond the personal, as a greater force of evolution.

How might I approach the challenges ahead, as an individual?

Can I begin to perceive the daily news archetypically and see a greater picture behind us as we face the shadow of our political and economic reality?

How can I work toward my goals and aspirations and build new ways of being and become an agent of change?

What outdated values, beliefs, redundant thinking patterns, clothes, and things need to be eliminated?

Can I allow whatever goes to go, without resisting, and know that the Universe has something better for me?

We are to see humanity as a whole team, and not pass our authority to our leaders or go it alone. It is important to remember that on a soul level, we chose to incarnate at this time.

This is the most important time of the new decade and we can make a difference. Let the basic universal truths from the Hero’s Journey guide you. If you have no idea how to handle these energies, open to your astrological chart or consult a professional to see what it reveals about your purpose. Let’s start inside each of us, reaffirm our humanity and our sanity, and live the best version of ourselves. There is no one size fits all. We are each unique, so we are to find our role and way.

2020 has a total of 6 eclipses: Besides January 10th, we have three in the summer June 20th and July 4th and 20th, so this is a time to expect the unexpected. Then they appear at the end of the year on November 30th and December 14th. Remember their influences can show up months later and last up to 6 months. As markers of change, there is a lot of fear around eclipses, but there is also power and liberation. Let’s re-frame them to be an empowered vehicle of transformation.

This is a year of disruption and awakening, reckoning and taking action. Change is constant and needed now. There are opportunities, so keep in mind. Get plenty of sleep, and to drink lots of water this whole year and especially during eclipse seasons. When in doubt, go inside and mediate or pray, and be kind. Make it a priority to create personal and social change Social change has always been achieved when enough of us are tuned into the larger story and respond the importance of our times.

Please share this message with your friends and family and remember this is miracle making time, so let go of those old and nonconstructive ways of being and open to the magic all around.

Wishing you Happy trails and many blessings on a wonderful, growth producing New Year.

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