Astrological Weather Report for Mid December 2020

Every adversity has an equal or greater benefit.

-Napoleon Hill

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December is the climax of an intense Astrological year. There are a lot of profound cosmic dynamics going on. We are in Eclipse season the first two weeks of December. Chiron, the wounded healer, shifts direction. Mars is Conjunct Eris in Aries squaring the Capricorn cluster. That is a big heavy astrological drama! Yet, we are at a major turning point! Saturn and Jupiter are moving into Aquarius. They will conjunct on the Winter Solstice and begin a radical new cycle in December.

We had a Lunar Eclipse on November 30th and will have the exact Solar Eclipse on the 14th at 23 Sagittarius 08 at 8.17 am PST. Eclipses create super intense energies and shifts and bring out hidden secrets. Its effects can last 6 months.


Sagittarius is changeable, universal, fire sign. It is optimistic, aspiring, and expansive, It has to do with philosophy, justice, education, law, religion, and truth. Where is Sagittarius in your chart? Where is your Jupiter located? These are the areas where new beginning will begin to take form. Set your intentions. You may be feeling an acceleration like you want a quantum jump. Look at your beliefs.

This is a South Node Eclipse. You may be dealing with past thoughts and beliefs that are being manifested in your everyday life. Mercury, our mental capacity, sits with the grouping. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler is everyone’s dispositor. It is besieged between intense Pluto and somber Saturn, in Capricorn, the sign of its detriment. We have to battle oppressive and narrow thinking. What outmoded beliefs are holding you back?

The shadow side of Sagittarius is “My truth is the only truth.” How can you open your mind to listen and hear other’s opposing opinions?

We are experiencing the darkening of the light. It is wise to go within and take time for reflection. It may feel as if we are narrowing in the birth canal. Remember all that is happening out there is mirroring what is going on inside us.

The total Solar Eclipse can be seen in the southern part of South America—Chile, Argentina, and SW Africa. It will be in effect for three and half hours. We may hear changes in these countries in the next six months or more.

Most significantly we have this powerful grouping in Sagittarius being squared by nebulous Neptune. Today I heard, “I feel depressed.” Another said, “I think if I am under a dark cloud.” Many of you are feeling discouraged, isolated, confused, and empty. Some of you are experiencing a void and questioning purpose. Where do you go to extremes? Where do you escape? What we are addicted to? This time is calling you to expand your spiritual nature, to surrender, let go, trust a greater and higher purpose. Einstein’s big question was: Do you believe it is a friendly Universe? If you do, you know that all is purposeful. Where is your support? Where can you find connection, your innocence, and hope? What grounds and centers you?

We are experiencing an enormous crisis. There is a huge spike in a deadly pandemic. We have been in lockdown ten months. The corrupt and complacent political scene is beyond disturbing. We don’t know truth from fiction. The news is biased depending on where you listen. Issues concerning the media are being brought to the surface. It is time we had objective, unbiased reporting.

When we look at this time from a different (Sideral) perspective, we get more pictures. Sideral is Sky Astrology, while Western (Tropical) is Earth Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology (Sideral), this Eclipse occurs in the last degree of Scorpio. When planets pass through the last degrees of a water sign, it is called Gandanta. The Vedas feel this is a critical time. It is described as things being out of control. It can represent overwhelm, drowning and even flooding. To us, this means emotional stresses. Mars will be in this critical stage as it leaves Pisces around December 22. That being the end of the Zodiac, it can represent endings. Also, all the planets are on one side of the chart, which is called a Kala Sarpa Yoga. This also emphasizes things are out of balance.

What is interesting is that this Solar Eclipse is the same one Trump was born on and hits his Moon (emotions, home) and his South Node. South Node is the past and in Vedic is called Ketu, which signifies loss, abandonment and sorrow.

From December 7th to the 17th, we have controlling Saturn in its last degree of its own sign Capricorn, which stresses its shadow side. We are seeing strong resistance from those in power and feeling personal blockages.

We have Mars (energy, drive and motivation) conjunct Eris (female awakener, revealer of discord) in Aries, positively activating this powerful Sagittarius planets. This is telling us to use our energy wisely.

Mars and Eris in the sign of the individual are in conflict with Pluto (destruction, construction), Jupiter (amplification, abundance), and Saturn (limitations, controls) all in top-down government and structures of Capricorn. Our individual freedom and independence are conflicting with the old controls of powers. Where are you power struggling?

Right after the Eclipse, Chiron shifts direction forward. This crisis is necessary and opening powerful healing energies to us. What are your avenues of healing?

Like in a dramatic symphony, December builds like a crescendo and then has an appeasing culmination. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on Winter Solstice near the Galactic Center begins a new 200-year cycle in Air Signs that is radically different from our past. This is just the beginning of a new paradigm, but it is a great promise.

Being Goddess Warriors on the Hero’s Journey is what these times need. Open your heart and trust a greater good happening. Then take responsibility to set worthy intentions and be present in the now. Higher energies are flooding into the earth at this time. Keep your vibrations high by not taking things so personally.

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Holy Days and many blessings.

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