Celestial Influences and the Super New Moon in Virgo

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your heart,
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

-Carl Jung

The Mutable sign Virgo has to do with ancient wisdom of the earth, health, nutrition, work, and discrimination. Virgo also focus on small details. In the Tarot Virgo is the Hermit and represents the principles of completion, introspection and perfection.

On September 17 at 4 am PDT, this Super Harvest New Moon is a potent time to set intentions.

We all have been going through a huge transformation. We are entering a new phase in our soul’s evolutionary process. It is the collapse of the old-world view. It is a powerful time. If we can open our hearts to our potential and let go of doubt, survival fears, and judgments, we can find new strength and understanding to shift our lives in new directions.

This New Moon forms an easy trine with manifesting Saturn (exact) and regenerative Pluto. It is time to renew our purpose. This is firm, stable, and grounded resolve, so think long-term goals, but take small practical steps each day.

What matters to me?
What is calling me?
What am I ready to build?
What commitments am I willing to make to myself?
How can I take the next small step to achieve it?

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the mind. Mercury is in Libra and wants justice and balance. Mercury is the Magician archetype, which shows us we have all the tools at our disposal. Because Mercury conjuncts Haumea, (creative regeneration), it has enormous creative resources.

The struggle is with the heavy weights of the Capricorn trio. Jupiter (expansion/abundance), Saturn (authority/limitations) and Pluto (death/rebirth) are all having their say. Squares are hard aspects yet they give energy. Mercury squares Jupiter, which can bring a flood of ideas, but could inflate your thinking. Keep your visions within reach and on the small details. Mercury in Libra wants to compromise and solve problems, but may meet with resistance from the controllers, Pluto and Saturn.

Mercury also inconjuncts Neptune, the Mystical Escapist (creativity/illusions), which could bring enormous imagination or illogical confusion.

We need to trust ourselves and not over think things. We have choices all day long. It is important to maintain critical thinking and bring awareness to our vibrations moment-by-moment.

During the day, ask What am I thinking?
Do I want more of these thoughts and feelings?
How can I raise my consciousness?

Mercury and Haumea in Libra and the Capricorn trio are part of a T-square. Mars (God of War) in its own Aries (individual/freedom) and Eris (the revealer of discord) form the other leg. Mars is powerful in its own sign and is retrograde, which is emphasizing and bringing back irritations to complete. Mercury will go retrograde in October 13 to November 3, so will meet up with these energies again. It is going to be an intense election season.

Where is this New Moon in my personal chart?
Which houses are these dynamic squares playing out for me personally?
What can you do to stay open to the unfolding process?

Neptune square the Nodes (universal trends), and we don’t know what is real or not. There is false news, emotional overload, as well as secrets being revealed.

Venus in Leo has been in conflict with Uranus, which brings freedom/closeness issues and fluctuation of currencies. Venus will move into an inconjunct with the Capricorn planets at the end of the month. Make sure your decisions are in alignment with your values. We are in a learning cycle.

The Autumn Equinox on September 22 starts a new season of initiation. As the Sun moves into Libra, it is inconjunct to Ceres, (the Provider of food). Inconjuncts ask for an adjustment, so make sure you some supplies in your home, just be sure to nurture yourself and your family.

There are several changes of direction this month.

Mars went retrograde on September 9th. We are reworking our fears and frustration to ensure we are on the right tract.

Jupiter (expansion)went direct on the 12th of September, which is encouraging us to find resources. Saturn (limits/responsibility) goes direct on September 29 with a tight square with Mars.  It may feel like standing still or are driving with the brake on, yet this too will pass. Pluto will go direct on October 4th releasing transformative energies.

All this forward moving will help, yet we are still dealing with the squares from Mars, which will be back in December, so we are not “out of the woods” yet. The intense frustrations of the individual are being expressed.

Be aware of your energy and your thoughts, expand by doing little things, and think long-term. Set those intentions and make sure you have outlets for your frustrations, other than projecting or putting on yourself. To deal with your frustrations, move your body, breathe, meditate, and journal. Go inside. See everything and everyone outside of you as a reflection of your inner beliefs. Own your fears, but look at them head on. Remember the keys words of introspection, completion and perfection of Virgo and the Hermit.

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Wishing you a good Month and many blessings.

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