Collective Dynamics and the Nature of our Times

Miracles cannot be performed
in the face of doubt and fear.

A Course in Miracles


The great Hermetic Axiom says, “As above so below.” We have some heavy dynamics interacting in the cosmos, which consequently mirrors the many levels of crisis we are experiencing. Historically something big is happening and it is transformative. Let’s begin with Mercury, the planet of communications, that goes retrograde at 11 Scorpio 40 on Oct 13th. It is conjunct Juno, who asks what are we committed to and how we can transform through relationships. Scorpio is a penetrating mind that looks behind the scene and shines light on the darkness. Mercury turns stationary direct on November 3, Election Day. A retrograde Mercury is a sign to review, reflect, and redirect. Mercury rules mail-in ballots and the issue of tampering with it in the USA elections is being exposed.

Uranus, the Awakener, is a strong mental theme this next month. Mercury opposes Uranus (revolutionary change) three times—October 7th, 19th, and again on November 17th so we will be digging deep to unearth the truth. Uranus is the closest to the earth all year, which emphasizes its influence. We are looking from a higher vantage point, opening to new possibilities, and asking fresh questions. Whatever is emerging into the collective will cause significant shifts along with more unrest and change.

A super New Moon at 23 Libra 53 is on October 16th at 12.31 PM PDT. New Moons are a Sun and Moon conjunction represents a time to set new intentions. Libra wants relationships and is concerned with balance, equality, fairness, and harmony. Look at your chart to where Libra resides. Then set positive intentions in the present tense in that area.

It is a super New Moon because it is the closest to the Earth this month. It adds intensity to the already dynamic configuration of an impactful Cardinal T-square. Cardinal planets initiate the seasons, as they are goal directed, moveable, and represent action. The combination of eight planetary bodies uniting in this way reflects enormous challenge and collective tension, but also hope.

Here is what is included: Squaring the Sun/Moon is a major cluster of heavy planets in Capricorn, the sign of authority, structures, and government. Jupiter (amplification and expansion) is conjunct Pluto (death/rebirth) and Saturn (limitations and boundaries). This combination reflects how 2020 is a “game changer.” We are in a death process of the old regime that will continue until 2023, when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn. These planets are now all direct so we are beginning to build new structures. There will some huge changes as Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius again on December 19.

Opposing the Libra planets and squaring the Capricorn planets is Mars (assertion, aggression) retrograde. This retrograde means it is closest to the earth, making it stronger. Emotions are high, so please find ways to dissipate them. Mars is in its own sign, Aries (sovereignty and individuality) gives it even more power to our need to be authentically ourselves. Mars is with Eris, a new dwarf planet that represents the revealer of discord. Things are heated up. There is an enormous urge for freedom and anger at not being heard that is conflicting with the patriarchal powers. Besides reactiveness, this could cause pressure and adrenal fatigue.

This intense dynamic of the Sun and Moon in Libra opposes Mars and Eris in Aries and all squareJupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We have a “me versus other” theme that is conflicting with the social pressures of the tradition and the past.

What is dominating my thinking?

Who or what is in control of me?

What symbol or people reflect my power?

How am I transforming through relationships?

What do I need to do to transform my life?

How can I own my own authority and my unique self?

How can reevaluate my core values and heal our past?

How can I instill compassion and understanding to the other side of the divide?

There is a lot of conflicting power that is showing all the ugly, prejudice, racist, misogynistic parts of us. We are replaying the frustration with our leaders as they represent the shadow of the dominant materialistic past. In mythology Saturn ate his own children and is a creativity killer. Pluto abducted the innocent into the underworld. Remember to not get

so involved in the political fight. Watch the outer drama, but keep peace in your heart.

In Vedic Astrology, when a planet is in the last degrees of water and the first degrees of fire, it called gandanta, which is indicative of flooding or overwhelm. Mar

s is now in that position and will be for a while as it goes stationary direct on November 13th.

We also have Neptune (the mystical escapist) in its own sign Pisces squaring the Nodal Axis in Gemini and Sagittarius, which are the disseminating information axis. We are to use our minds to discriminate, as we do not know truth from fiction.

Spirituality and calming practices are the way out of this dilemma. We have a beautiful opportunity with Jupiter in a positive aspect with Neptune. This amplifies the spiritual opportunities and abundant imagination available to us.

The New Moon is in an easy trine with the North Node in Gemini, which gives an opening to new and diverse connections. We are being directed to form relationships and find our tribe.

This New Moon is right on the fixed star Spica, which is a good sign as it represents the nature of the lovers Venus and Mars. It is significant of success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art, and science. Plus, the New Moon placement is close to Haumea, another dwarf planet that represents creativity, fertility, and regeneration.

In Vedic, this New Moon is in the Nakshatra (one of 27 Lunar Mansion) of Chitra, which represents the “celestial architect or universal craftsmanship” and represents creativity and prosperity. Its symbol stands for the “big, bright, shining jewel.”

Venus (love and creativity) in practical and detail-oriented Virgo works well with Mercury and Uranus. Imaginative mental energy is available to us. Venus has an opposition with Neptune, which opens and romanticizes our dreams and visons. Venus then makes some easy aspects with the Capricorn trio, so we have enormous grounding and creative energy available to us.

Spiritually there is a higher purpose to these times. The world is a reflection of who we are collectively. If we can learn to see the world differently, we can change ourselves and change the world. There is hope. We can create a different reality with a positive attitude. If we can find peace, love, forgiveness, and gratitude in our hearts and our minds, we can connect with something bigger then ourselves.

Start with setting some intentions and uplifting your vibrations.

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Sending Blessings.

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