Cosmic Dance and the New Moon in Leo

Love, not fear, must be pour guide.

-Rosa Parks

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon at 26 Leo 35 on August 18 and 19 is a time to initiate our heartfelt intentions. Leo is a warm, creative, playful fire sign that wants recognition for its talents. Impetuous Mars energizes this Sun Moon connection to get things going. Saturn is in an exact hard aspect with it and demands that we get serious, grounded and responsible.

There is a lot of creativity available during this turbulent and reset time. Venus, the artistic planet of love, is in opportunistic aspects in innovative Uranus and will soon be forming an ease and graceful connection with Neptune for enhanced spiritual love and creativity.

Mars connects with Eris, a new dwarf planet, in Aries, the sign of the individual. Eris, the Feminine Awakener and Revealer of Discord is activated by the God of War. They fiercely are challenging the three planets in Capricorn, the sign of political structures, government, and leaders.  The three are Jupiter, the Amplifier, Pluto, the Change Maker, and Saturn, the Taskmaster and have been revealing all the havoc. Yet Humaua, another new dwarf planet, in Libra is the Goddess of birthing and fertility.  She forms a T-square with the Aries and Capricorn clusters giving us hope for a creative future.

We are advised to stay in our hearts and be compassionate toward ourselves and others as the world goes through its rebirth canal.

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