Create with Imaginative Power

Dreams are realized by your imagination.
Nothing stands between you and your dreams,
but facts and facts are the creations of imagining.

-Neville Goddard

Positive change starts with acknowledging that we are creators. Let’s become modern day magicians and perform intentional magic. It is possible once we recognize that our mind is an instrument of power, in fact it is our magic wand.

instrument of power

Realizing that we have creative power is both liberating and empowering. The future is alive. We influence the future; we don’t plan it. It is not so much what we do, but how we think and feel, that fashions our reality. Because all that happens to us comes from our own assumptions, to make a future desire a present fact, we are focus our attention on that desire.

future is alive

Our lives are our own phenomenal picture show.

phenomenal picture show

We write the script, play the roles, direct the scenes, provide the soundtrack, and make the movie, and we do it either consciously or unconsciously.

life's movie

Jean Houston says that the portal to manifesting is to recognize, “As viewed, so appears.” Whatever we see and believe is what we bring into form. If we can take hold of each moment and focus on what we want to become, and not what we want to overcome, we will intentionally align with our dreams.

state of wishes fulfilled

Our desires manifest by assuming and living from the state of having our wishes fulfilled. When we are in a state of looking toward and longing, we are regretfully affirming that we do not have our heart’s desires.

we can have what we desire

We have boundless possibilities. We realize this potential when we acknowledge and awaken to the fact that the spirit of God lives in us through our imagination. Neville said, “Imagination is the secret of causation. It is our gift, our priceless creative power.”

Spririt of God

Our unique genius can be made manifest, for we can create in extraordinary and unparalleled ways when we use our imagination as the point of our magic and power. If we follow the rules of creation, we can actuate our deepest dreams and collective visions, for we have the power and the way, and the infinite support of a creative companionship.
We can have what we desire; we just have to be it first. The steps to getting there are being there. “Being there” is an imaginative play of sensually feeling as if.
Neville tells us to create more consciously with four roles. As the producer of our life movie, we define the theme of our desires and purpose. As the author, we write the script, a last scene of our wish already fulfilled. As the director, we initiate and instruct the imaginative play. As the actor, we act out the perceived scene physically, audibly, and sensually through our own eyes in a relaxed manner. In this way we can intentionally become what we perceive and change our future.

four levels of creation

We are encouraged to first recognize this power to create and then pick up our palette and design our life’s play.

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