Dynamic Configuration and the Full Moon in Pisces

Focus on people who inspire you, rather than annoy you.
You will get further in life.

-Kristen Butler

There is a major Cardinal (movement) theme. Mars (aggression) and the Dwarf planet, Eris (revealer of discord) are in Aires (sign of the Individual, sovereignty). They are conflicting with a grouping in Capricorn (authority structures, government)—Jupiter (amplification), Saturn (limitations, contraction, and fear) and Pluto (death/rebirth). What this has reflected is the individual resisting dominant and repressive power.

We also have Venus in Cancer (nurturing creativity). It opposes these three planets in Capricorn and squares the Aires energy. This shows a restrictive and oppressive resistance to our security, harmony and balance right now.

On the last leg of this Cardinal Grand Cross is Libra (the sign of balance and justice). The asteroid Juno (commitment maker) and a dwarf planet, Haumea (fertility and regeneration) are conjunct, which gives us hope. The over-all situation is promising us a creative rebirth of balance, if we stand-up to what is fair and just.

The Full Moon is 10 Pisces 12 at 10:21 PM PDT.

Where does that fall in your Astrological Chart?

The Full Moon is a time of culmination. Pisces is a sensitive, compassionate, and creative sign. Lots of feelings are coming up, which might soften the heaviness of our times, yet it could make us feel overwhelmed.

Pisces’ ruler, Neptune (Illusions and delusion) is squaring the Nodes (universal pulse of society). This is showing how we do not know what is real or false. It also could tell us that secrets and disclosures are being revealed.

This Pisces Full Moon sextiles (opportunistic aspect) with Uranus (revolutionary change). The Sun in Virgo (problem solving) forms a Grand Trine with Uranus and Jupiter (expansion). This tells us there is innovation, freedom and awakening happening through all this turmoil. If we focus, we can manifest our dreams and make a quantum leap.

Mercury (mind) in Virgo positively aspects the grouping in Capricorn.  It opposes Neptune (imagination), so let’s dream our thoughts into reality. We have a choice and the freedom of thought, so choose consciously what you want to manifest. Be grateful and conscious and tune into the unconditional love that Pisces can represent.

We are experiencing the intensity of the collapse of an old paradigm as we are in the uncomfortable death throws. We need to stay focused on our inner growth and the promise of regeneration and a rebirth of what of equal, justice and fair.

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