Happy New Year 2019

In order to make the changes we need to make,

we have to open to our hidden and expanded capacities

that are within us.

-Jean Houston


2019 is a highly creative, abundant, visionary, and inspired time as well as strongly practical, goal-directed, and intensely cathartic and transformative.

Before I go deeper into the dynamics of what the heavens are telling us about this New Year, I would like to apologize for not connecting for a while. I know you will understand when I tell you that I have been busy creating. I am happy to announce that I now have six books completed and proofed. My last “baby,” Awaken Love, Beyond the Barriers, has been a journey, because Love is both our Essence and our way of achieving it. My life is richly satisfying and I am filled with inspiration as I am working several creative projects, as well as learning to “walk the talk.” I am creating original symbolic digital collages with the help of my assistant, Farah. Here is my Magus card that represents the creative mental process. I will be publishing the series in sequential order soon.

Magus Card


2019 is an enormous artistic year as it reduces to the inventive and imaginative 3 or the Empress card, which is Venus ruled (the planet of Love and Creativity). The Empress tells us to smile, express ourselves, look at life with both our heart and our mind, and use our magnetic powers to attract what we desire.

This year also adds up to a 12, which correlates with the Hanged Man, which is ruled by Neptune (Imagination and Illusions). This is a time to perceive things from a different perspective, look at old patterns, neediness, and any blocks so we can remove what obstruct us and to create a more positive vision.

The New Year started with a serious note with the Sun (Drive to Be) conjunct Saturn (Patience and Discipline) in its own sign, Capricorn, amplifying the practical and setting limitations and boundaries. This brings us a desire to work hard, take responsibility, and get things done. Your resolutions may stick this year as this energy has perseverance and restraint.



A powerful partial Solar Eclipse (an intensified New Moon) happens on January 5th at 15 degrees Capricorn 25 minutes. Capricorn is a slow moving, goal-directed Cardinal Earth sign. It is ambitious, patient, and in for the long haul.


solar eclipse


What is significant about this eclipse is that it is hemmed in with the dark planets of Saturn (Taskmaster and Form Builder) and Pluto (Death/Rebirth and Catalytic Force). This Sun Moon conjuction is happening with a stellium of five planets and the south node all in Capricorn. This grouping has been described as “laser like focus,” or as astrologer Donna Cunningham said, “it is like unruly hormonally driven teenagers.” It is a time of power and intense transformation to overcome our past restrictions. Astrologer Diana Collis said, “Almost anything negative can be turned around under such a potent social eclipse.” We have the ability to get through any hard times and keep things going.

Vedic Astrology has 27 Lunar Stars or Nakshatras in addition to the 12 signs. This solar eclipse happens in the Nakshatra, Purva Ashadha, which in Sidereal is in Sagittarius. (Western Astrology is Tropical.)

Purva Ashadha is a proud invincible, undefeated placement, which is both aggressive and optimistic. It is about self-improving, unfolding new capacities, and discovering new possibilities. Venus (Magnetic, Creative) ruled, and influenced by Jupiter (Generous, Opulent), this resourceful and expansive placement offers the creative genius of a Spiritual Warrior. The mysterious Hindu water Goddess Apah resides here, so there is an emotional component, which is about keeping the waters pure and uncontaminated by right thought.

The elephant tusk is one symbol of Purva Ashadha, which is desirous and valuable and often coveted by others. This shows the importance to keep ourselves surrounded by positive influences. Another symbol is the winnowing basket, which removes the wheat from the husk and signifies bringing forth our hidden talents. It has also been correlated with the key 17, the Star card, which symbolizes recognition, self-esteem, and the ability to change emotions into perceptions.

Uranus (Rebel Genius, Revolutionary) goes direct at 28 Aries on January 6th. Time to change ourselves and move toward altering our values as well as our sense of self.

When Uranus goes direct, we have a longer time frame of all planets direct, which could signify our ability to make an enormous thrust of forward movement toward our projects until March 5th when Mercury goes retrograde. After Mercury goes direct on March 28th, we experience all the planets direct again for another three weeks.

Jupiter (Faith, Expansion, and Abundance) is transiting its own sign of Sagittarius; we have increased optimism and faith. Connected with Venus, (Beauty, Creativity, Magnetism), we are able to allow humor and joyful expression. Both these benevolent planets are moving toward an energetic aspect with Neptune, (Visionary, Mystical Escapist), also in its own sign, which emphasizes inspiration and healing.

Here are some personal suggestions, questions, behaviors to watch, and things to release:

Where are you applying this laser focus and drive? What house does 15 Capricorn 25 reside in your astrological chart, for that is the area of life that is emphasized?

Where do you feel a desire to bring order or to simplify?

What would instill discipline and focus into your life?

Can you dig deep inside to find your hidden or untapped talents and abilities? Can you uncover your most valuable qualities and what has meaning in your life?

Who or what influences, persuades, sways, or distracts you from your goals?

Do you feel envy, rivalry, or jealousy? If so, how can you let these go?

Can you be both optimistic and patient?

Is there anyplace you are hiding?

Can you find some water rituals to sooth your soul, cleanse the past, and prepare yourself for a Greater Self?


The message of this highly complex time is: Be serious, disciplined, and responsible while keeping your childlike wonder and faith alive. Live each moment to the fullest. Take up the challenges to actively transform and be rejuvenated. Let’s reinvent ourselves and live our true potential! We have the tools available to us to not only change ourselves, but to influence society.

May you have a blessed New Year!

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