Intense Eclipse Season

This time signifies the intrinsic ability to reformulate,

eliminate or regenerate outmoded dynamics

that are preventing growth.

-Jeff Green



The Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn 04 July 16, 2019 @ 2:37pm PDT has the South Node (Path of the Past) sandwiched between Saturn (Reality, Restructuring, and Time) and Pluto (Death, Rebirth, and Transformation) aligning with it.

We won’t be able to see this eclipse in North America as it occurs during the day with the moon below the horizon.

Energetically this is a triple dose of intensity and urgency and a compelling time of letting go and breaking free from the past that reverberates like a deep wake-up call. Make sure you stay grounded with exercise, healthy food, and meditation.

Am I feeling powerful forces at work, both in my personal life and in the collective?

The eclipse season started with a total Solar Eclipse on July 2-3. Eclipses have a mystery about them and often suggest fateful and uncharted paths that can play out over the next six months. We have another pair of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer on December 26 and January 10, 2020 that will move us further along the path that is opening to us. All these eclipse have attention-grabbing planetary patterns. Clearly something is changing, that has at least some positive results with the rebirth dynamic of Pluto.

We either feel “besieged” or “invited” by eclipses. With awareness you can let these special celestial events invite you toward your growth and what nourishes you by getting clear what and who supports you.

The Sabian symbol (Intuitive meanings for the degrees of the zodiac) for the recent July 2 Cancer Solar Eclipse degree was: “A clown caricaturing well-known personalities,” which means “the value of humor in developing objectivity and independence of mind.” Laughter can be healing as well a step toward de-conditioning.

This is Cancer’s Tarot Card – The Chariot. Time to contemplate what is important, so you can set things into motion.



This Full Moon is a partial eclipse and its themes involve sensitive and protective Cancer (Home, Family, Tribe, and Nation) and tenacious and dedicated Capricorn (Builder, Career, Business, Government). Under these water and earth signs, the physical and emotional realms are evoked most strongly.

The Sabian symbol for this Capricorn Moon is: “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs,” and is noted as “the use of cultural and artistic processes as a means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.” We are being reminded of the value of tradition and being comforted by beauty.

We are each experiencing this letting go and renewal in some area. Remember whatever goes now may hurt or feel uprooted at first, but eventually it will prove not needed.

The Death Card – represents Scorpio and tells us to cut away the old to allow rebirth.


Which houses do Cancer and Capricorn rule in my astrological chart?

What is calling me to let go? What bridges do I need to burn?

What do I need now?

Where is there support for me?

Astrologically this July 16 partial Lunar Eclipse throws its shadows across the opposition of Pluto at 27 Capricorn and Mercury (Mind) at 24 Cancer in the birth chart of the U.S.A, which falls exactly in its 2nd and 8th Houses, which deals with money, resources and again death and rebirth. The craziness of the news seems to be continuing.

Pluto (Hades) is the Roman (Greek) god of the underworld. It deals with unseen energies arising from within and beneath the surface, similar to a volcano. It is also representative of Siva and Kali in Hindu mythology and the butterfly’s path. After a cocoon period, we can awaken powerful redemptive and transformational energies.

The Aeon – is Pluto’s Card and tells us that transformation is a process.


Pluto was demoted as a dwarf planet, but anyone who has dealt with its influence, knows it packs a power impact, like nuclear energy, and compels a transformation from the inside out. Pluto tests us to live with more empowered self-awareness.

Pluto, South Node and Saturn are under Saturn’s domain and all are retrograde which feels like things are hindered or everything is moving slowly. Time to reevaluate what is important.

Saturn is a Taskmaster and forces us to get real and focused. Saturn binds, restricts, limits, yet brings to form and manifest. Whenever Saturn connects with another planet the energies of that planet get manifested. Saturn is intensifying the activity of Pluto, with the impact of destiny at work. We are experiencing that now, though much is going under the surface.

The Devil – is Capricorn’s domain, we have to look how we limit ourselves and lightened up.


This Lunar Eclipse is right on my Moon and Ascendant so I have been feeling the effects of Pluto and Saturn for a while now. You could say I have been in a bittersweet process of being turned inside out. I have had to let go of some of my inner circle and have been confronted with what felt like betrayal and loss. I have been spending a lot of time alone, meditating more, saying my truth rather directly, as well as truly learning to surrender to a Higher Power. When we say, “not my will, but Thy Will,” it brings some tests. Even though I have almost seven books completed. I haven’t fully started the publishing process.

I have redone my very first book, Awaken Female Power that I wrote in 1990 to fit in A Toolkit for Awakening series. I have been working on creating a tarot deck with digital collage, which you are seeing a few in this blog. I revised my manifesting book, Awaken Magnetic Creation with a new chapter, “Surrendering Beyond Grasping.” This chapter led me to work on my primarily spiritual book, Awaken the Sacred, Experiencing the Ultimate Blessings. I thought I was going to do that last, but I was called to go there.

All this is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I apologize, but I have had to go deeply inside to find a place of reassurance. It may sound like I have been a “busy bee”, but I also have gone through a long period of being in the void, where life seems to stand still. I feel that I am getting insights into the rebirth side, which I openly and hopefully welcome.

It is the same on a global level. We can openly and hopefully welcome and witness a complete restructuring on political and economic levels. When Pluto is around it can require stripping things back to the basic foundation and rebuilding from the ground up.

Universe Card – is Saturn’s providence. Examine yourself and expand your horizons.


Having Mercury retrograde now (until July 31) adds to the internalizing effect to pull back and reconsider what is important and take care to allow it to happen.

Can I welcome the transformative gifts as things come up, be it physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual and see the greater benefit to adversity?

Please share this newsletter with your friends and any transformative stories connected to these powerful times with me. We can find the silver linings.

May the eclipse seasons bring you much energy and positive change.



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  • Robin Fett
    July 17, 2019 - 3:03 am ·

    I love it Karen!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Very informative, great cards, they turned out beautiful!?

  • Marguerite Rigoglioso
    July 17, 2019 - 3:24 pm ·

    Karen, you are profound. Thank you for this incredibly powerful post and these powerful and deep images. This has been so helpful to me. Love, Marguerite

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