It’s Eclipse Season

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein `22


Eclipses are the interplay of the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (subconscious), and the Nodal Axis. The light of the Sun is obscured by the Earth for a time and blocks consciousness. There is a certain ominous feeling around eclipses. They can bring fated events and their powerful effects can last up to six months. Eclipses give us an opportunity to shut off a part of our awareness. When the light returns, we can reboot our perceptions and move forward toward a greater vision and destiny.

In 2020, we had six Eclipses, and this year we will have four. This season eclipses are happening in Mutable signs. The Gemini Sagittarius polarity deals with the dissemination of knowledge. Mutable signs call for adaptability and change, especially mentally and our beliefs systems. Energy picks up with Mutable signs, which can accelerate time.


On Wednesday, May 26th, we will experience a total Lunar Eclipse at 4:13 am PDT. This Super Full Moon, at 5 Sagittarius 25 is exaggerated by the square to the Moon’s ruler, Jupiter, which just moved into Pisces. This is an intense time of culmination as Jupiter magnifies and amplifies so whatever we are dealing with will be bigger. This T-Square on the shadow side reminds us to watch exaggeration, narcissistic, and know-it-all tendencies.

Because this Sagittarius Moon is conjunct the South Node, (path of the past) we are looking at unconscious and early beliefs that need reconstruction. The Gemini Sun is with the North Node (path of integration) and brings awareness of something concluding and wanting to begin. The Lunar Eclipse stirs and increases emotions and this one is asking that we constantly monitor our thoughts. It is an unraveling and releasing time.

Look at the area in your chart where these are occurring for how they affect you personally. (If you do not know your chart, you can download a free chart at All you need is the date, time and place of your birth. You could also consult me or another astrologer for a reading.)

Where is 5 Sagittarius 25 in your astrological chart? Does this area in your life bring issues concerning these obsolete beliefs?
What part of your false self is falling away? What stories are you telling your friends? What is the negative self-talk that keeps coming up for you?
What old and obsolete beliefs, judgments, or prejudices are coming up to look at and let go of? 
Can you remember what was happening in mid 2002 as this same Eclipse was happening then?

Mercury (mental facilities) goes retrograde on May 29, until June 22. Mercury is joining Pluto and Saturn that are already retrograde. Retrograde is always a time to review and go inward.

Then on Thursday, June 10th we have the Gemini Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini 47 at 3:53 am PDT. This is a Super New Moon and a time to set intentions. It is strong and has several key players acting on it. It closely conjuncts the retrograde Mercury and Venus (creativity and relationships) and squares Neptune (the Mystical Escapist) in Pisces. We can be confused or inspired. Neptune dissolves and takes things away.

There are inconsistencies and uncertainties with all things. June could be a challenging month for travel and communications. Be flexible, expect delays, and go over those plans.

Neptune wants us to go higher in consciousness and we are to call upon our intuition and imagination and not over think things. Information is available non verbally. In essence, try to get out of your head and watch as subconscious attitudes are coming up to be looked at and released. A higher and newer story is trying to be born and carry us forward.


Where is 20 Gemini in your chart?
What is calling you to see differently?
What wants to be initiated?
How can you move beyond your mind to hear your intuition and your dreams?  
How are you personally resisting the new?
Are you focusing on what you want to overcome rather than what you want to become?
What do you need to do for your soul’s growth?
What does it mean for you to be spiritual?

We are in a time of revolutionary change, not just here in the USA, but especially here. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth is grinding through Capricorn, which signifies the catharsis of authority, governments, and big structures and business. The USA is having its Pluto return in the 2nd house of finances and values in 2022, but we have started it. Our debt is an economic reality. Covid hurt us and more spending is happening now to stimulate our economy. As a country and as individuals, we have to access what has real value. This transit will affect the whole world.

The major astrological theme the whole year of 2021 is the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. This is the old resisting the new, a fight between control and freedom and we are in it. We are all operating with internal pressure. Revolutionary Uranus is stronger and will win, but first we have to shake up lives to release the pressure.

Every day the news shows that we are in upheaval, living in a fog of confusion. Transiting Neptune is opposing the USA’s natal Neptune and also squaring its natal Mars. Both sides of a divided country can only see their side. A huge crisis is occurring. Many politicians are perpetuating the Big Lie and honoring the “Golden Calf’ of their own power and party. This all creates blind eyes to the good of the whole. We are in the death throw of the old regime as we battle for the soul of our country.

Remember what we focus on increases, so don’t energize what is collapsing. The absurdities that are happening now are part of the grand scheme that is helping to change into a new social order. Each character is here to push us along the path.

Our role in this challenge is to magnetize the spiritual transformation that is happening, by keeping some spiritual practice. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so set your priorities to find peace and unity within. Get out into nature and walk. Meditate more, consciously breathe, and become aware of your dreams. Otherwise, we can experience confusion and disillusion.

How would you act if you knew that the Universe totally supported you?

This is an important question as we are in the Universe and the Universe is within us. It is what Jean Houston calls “a co-arising.” When we learn to believe this, we are evolving spiritually and can not only be a part of, but an instigator of creating a new Earth.

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Let’s make this world a better place together by becoming a part of this bigger mission.

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Wishing you a growth producing Eclipse season!!!

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