It’s Eclipse Season! Massive shifts are happening

In hard times inner changes must precede changes to outer circumstances.

-Michael Meade

Happy Thanksgiving

We are living in a time of massive history making. When we look at the larger picture, through Astrology, we are in the deconstruction of an old order. Pluto (death/rebirth) is traveling through Capricorn until 2023. Capricorn rules government, top-down power and control structures.  gemini

The big theme of 2020 has been the conjunction of Saturn (hardships, limitations, boundaries) with Pluto (intense power, destruction). It happened on January 12th with news of a mystery virus. This energy set the tone for the year. In the mix were themes of Jupiter (amplification) and Ceres (loss, nurturing) all in Capricorn. Disease, death, lies, abuse of power, and corruption were being revealed through the air waves of the news.

We also have been having a long-standing challenge with Eris, a new dwarf planet that represents the Female Awakener who reveals the discord and fights for justice.

In Aries (individual) she has been conflicting with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn. This has been the people rising up to injustices and abuses of the government and police. We will see more protesting in December as Mars will conjunct Eris and form a T-square with these Capricorn planets and the US’s natal Mercury (media, communications) in Cancer.

Unprecedented experiences of lockdowns have forced us to stop and go inward. All summer, we had a huge retrograde movement of planetary energies, which has been changing. Neptune shifts direction on November 29th.  Then all the planets will be moving forward, except Uranus, which changes directions in January.

Another important configuration that has been ongoing is the Neptune (illusion, delusions, creativity and spirituality) squaring the nodal axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, which has to do with dissemination of knowledge. We do not know what is true and what is fabricated as “alternative facts” and “false news” have become the norm. Neptune will be forming a dynamic T-square with the US’s natal Neptune which squares its Mars. The anger and the confusion in the people are bubbling up. It feels like we are in a narrow birth canal, but there will be a big shift.

Although the Sun is now in expansive Sagittarius, the season is dampened with the spikes in the outbreak. Jupiter, its ruler, conjuncts inhibiting Saturn in Capricorn. Both of them will move out of this heavy earth sign on December 17th and 20th.  Then they begin their year-long sojourn in the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in this Aquarius marks a major influence for the coming year as it begins a new 200-year cycle of the Great Conjunction in air signs!

Venus (love, values) in intense Scorpio opposes Uranus (rebellious) in stable Taurus on November 27th and 28th). This could bring up hot/cold issues in your relationships unless you can find new ways to relate that allow freedom and depth.

On November 30th , we have a partial Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse at 8.38 Gemini at 1:29 AM PST. This Eclipse will shine a powerful light to reveal secrets. We are going through a wave of disclosures. Eclipses are powerful and are often symbolic of releases, which can indicate endings or opportunities for increased creativity.


The Super Full Moon is in a challenging aspect with Uranus (rebel, trickster) and Black Moon Lilith (psychic, provocative), so we can expect the unexpected.

In the US, this Eclipse falls right to the ASC/DES axis and its Uranus, so it is reflecting the erratic identity crisis we are suffering.

This is the second in a series of six Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses. The first was a Lunar eclipse at 15.34 Sagittarius on June 5, 2020. Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses have to do with information, opinions, belief systems, travel, and education.

Where does this fall in your chart? The house position and its meaning can give meaning as it will relate to your life.

Also on November 30th Mercury (mind) in deep Scorpio sextiles Jupiter and Saturn at 27-29 degrees of Capricorn. Communications will run deep and effective.

The whole time between the next Eclipse is actively intense. The Solar Eclipse is on December 14 at 23 Sagittarius, which is right on Donald Trump’s Moon and South Node. It shows his loss.

On a personal level, you have to watch your mental energy so that you    ` do not scatter as it is easy to get distracted with all the contrary information. Make sure you meditate and find ways to calm your mind. Listen and trust your intuition. This is a time of preparation. Keep your vibrations high, by watching but not becoming the political drama.

It is the season of appreciation. Focus on what is good, right, and what is working in your life. Keep the vibrations of love, peace, joy and gratitude in your heart and you will have that frequency mirrored back to you. Mastery comes when we know that we get whatever we are embodying.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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