Laws of Manifestation


The Universe and Spirit do not understand limitations…
PEOPLE invented limitations!
Jennifer O’Neill

How can we live the life we truly desire without the skills of Magnetic Creation?

Positive change starts with acknowledging that we are creators. Yet the following story tells us how this truth has been hidden from us.

The Creator gathered all creation together and said, “I want to hide something from humans until they are ready for it. It is the knowledge that they create their own reality.”
“Give it to me,” said the salmon, “I will hide it deep in the bottom of the ocean.”
“No,” said the Creator. “They would find it in the ocean.”
“Give it to me,” said the bear, “Let me hide it in the mountains.”
“No,” said the Creator. “Someday they will dig into the mountain and find it.”
“Give it to me,” said the eagle, “I will take it to the moon and they will never find it.”
“No,” said Creator again. “One day they will even find it on the moon.”
Then grandmother mole rose and everyone became quiet. They knew grandmother mole lived in the breast of the earth and although she has no eyes, she sees with spiritual eyes. “Hide it in their hearts,” she said.
“It is done,” said the Creator.

Here is a simple summary:

The first is to know that we are One with the Universe and we are in a co-creation with Source.

milky way

It is our imagination that makes us God-like.

Like draws like to us. We can have what we want; we just have to be it first.

We are to believe in the power of being a creator. What we believe we create, or as Jean Houston said, “As viewed, so appears.”

It is our free will to choose our intentions.

We mold the future by assuming it and living from the state of having our desires. Neville says, “We are to look from the end and affirm I am now.”

Being present in our bodies, feeling with all our senses the desires we wish to manifest create the steps to getting there, which are being there.

Manifestation doesn’t happen instantly. Be patient and persistent and infuse your intentions for at least sixty days in the beginning. As you align with your desires more completely the time will speed up.

As we assume our desires with the minimum of effort, we program our unconscious mind in a state of relaxation.

We are to believe in our desires and they need to feel natural.

Here are some affirmations to confirm these Manifesting Laws:

I am in a co-creative partnership with the benevolent Unified Field.
I utilize my God-given and inspired imagination to create miraculously.
I attract positive, uplifting experiences with my expansive vibrations.
I infuse my subconscious mind with constructive directives and beliefs.
I assume the objects of my desires and know that I am bringing them into form.
I consciously choose how I want to express my worthy and empowering goals.
I infuse my desires with the minimum effort and program them as I wake up and as I fall asleep.
I patiently trust that with time I will influence matter.
I am grounded and present in my body affirming positive expectations.
I believe that I have the ability and power to bring into form my natural desires.

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