Living as Magnetic Creators

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but also dream,
not only plan, but also believe.

-Anatole France

We are literally living magnets. How we feel and where we direct our conscious mind determines what we manifest.

Living Magnets
We are literally living magnets.

Let this Hindu story illustrate my point:
There was a man who wandered throughout the world seeking his deepest desires. He traveled from one city to another, from one realm to another looking for happiness, but in all his wandering, he never found it. Finally one day, exhausted from his search, he sat down underneath a great tree. What he didn’t know was that it was the Great Wish-Fulfilling Tree. When seated underneath it, whatever one wishes for immediately becomes true. As he sat in his weariness, he thought,  “What a beautiful spot this is. I wish I had a home here.” Instantly before his eyes a lovely home appeared. Surprised and delighted, he thought further, “Ah, if only I had a partner to be here with me, then my happiness would be complete.” In that moment a beautiful woman appeared calling him husband and beckoning to him. “Well, first I am hungry,“ he thought. “I wish there was food to eat.” Immediately a banquet table appeared covered with a wonderful variety of food and drink. The man ate his fill, but was still tired from his journey. So he thought, “I wish I had a servant to help me.” Sure enough, a servant appeared. After he finished his meal, the man sat against the lovely tree to reflect. “How amazing it is that everything I wish has come true. There must be some mysterious force in this tree. I wonder if a demon lives in it.” No sooner had he had the thought, a demon appeared. “Oh my,” he thought, “This demon will probably eat me.” That is what it did.

Golden Sun A Wish-Fulfillung Tree
We are all sitting under a wish-fulfilling tree and what we focus on is what we get.

In a way, we are all sitting under this wish-fulfilling tree. The canopy is our mind and the trunk is our body. Our words and feelings seed our life, and its quality is determined by the strength of our focused attention. Like attracts like, so when we are complaining, struggling and wanting, we stay in that vibration.

Like Attracts Like
Like Attracts Like, so when we are complaining, struggling, and wanting, we stay in that vibration.

As attractors of our experiences, what we sincerely focus on is what we choose. When we are open and proactive, we generate positive vibrations. Our most important imperative is to focus on what we want to become, not overcome. “Not wants” bring more of what isn’t wanted–since we focus on them.

When we are aligned with our desires and have no opposing thoughts, our desires easily manifest.

Create A Better World
I align with the infinite and magnetically create a better world.

I align with the Infinite and I utilize my magnetic and creative power.


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