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I welcome you to join me on the journey of discovering our True Nature. This is my first official blog, although I have been on a long and winding writing odyssey for four decades. For the last 25 years, I have been working on a series of books, I call, A Toolkit to Awakening, which evolved into instructional, motivational, and practical books that became, for me, a life-changing and life-enhancing guidebooks.

My writing adventure has been mostly a solitary journey. Like a scribe, I recorded my life and the lives of others and what I learned from other teachers. Exploring the different celestial blueprints of Astrology and the symbolism of the Tarot, identifying with the gods and goddesses, and absorbing their exemplary qualities, I discovered that heroic and mythic stories weren’t invented fables. They were our world dreams—collectively conceived and received.

I have been captivated with archetypes, those pre-existing cosmic forms, that weave through time and space and show us how life works. Archetypes are original structures that make up our essences from which we derive our fundamental nature.

During the writing of my first book, Awakening Female Power, I became intensely aware of the archetype of the Goddess Warrior. By organizing the many meanings, I decoded powers, which slowly infused my consciousness. Like ripples from a rock thrown into water, their overlapping symbols revealed a system of visions and intentions. As I continued, I explored Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey from his classic book, A Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), which became the foundation and the outline of the series. Campbell collected hundreds of multicultural myths and synthesized them into a distinct cosmic formula of the one great myth underlying all mythology.

While I was exploring the archetypes of the Goddess, the Warrior, the Hero and Ester and Jerry Hick’s “Science of Deliberate Creation,” a three-fold interrelated, mythic model of the Goddess WarriorMagnetically Creating on the Hero’s Journey emerged. It became a new myth to awaken and the stepping-stones into the greater life of the soul.

In the process of gathering, writing, and editing the best of the collective, I found that the Goddess, the Warrior, and the Hero were an ancient prescription for our personal struggles. Once we open to explore these models, we see how they exist inside us and beyond us and how we can identify with what is blessed, beautiful, and gifted within us. These archetypes can become a living inspiration to guide our existence.

By identifying with the Goddess, we open our hearts to others, allow what is, and magnetize through attraction. No matter what our gender, we personify the Goddess whenever we are receptive and acceptothers. The Goddess is our Divine spark within and that is what it is to be joyful.

The Warrior’s embodiment is to be responsible for our purpose and our goals, by being present and setting intentions. Maybe you don’t resonate with the idea of Warrior because it implies conquest, fighting, and strife. Yet, a spiritual Warrior’s contest is to be an attentive, courageous, and dynamic creator.

What is central is not the labels, but embracing what is behind these integrated symbols, which is loveand presence. When our hearts are open and our minds are accountable, we embody the Goddess Warrior. Each moment becomes a chance to choose proactive intentions and to allow joy to be our purpose.

My hope is that I can stimulate your spiritual journey, no matter where you are on the path, and motivate you to see the value in these archetypical giants as a guide to becoming an integrated and balanced human being. I am looking for co-creators, helpers, and fellow adventures. Please connect with me on @1GoddessWarrior, and on, and email me at Come aboard and stay tuned.

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