New Moon in Aquarius and Happy Love Day

Come on people, smile on your brother.

Everybody come together and love one another.

-Lyrics sung by the Youngbloods

happy Valentine's day

Ever wonder why we celebrate Love in the season of detached Aquarius?

My conclusion is that we are to learn a new way to love. Many relationships are based on Lunar Love, which is an Umbilical Love, like a child for its mother. We form symbiotic connections that each person fulfills the personality aspect that the other doesn’t have. When we feel needy, we slip into child and want to be taken care of. Our conditioning tells us to get others to love us rather than feel it within.

Conscious Love or Solar Love is to possess a broad humanitarian love where we are all equal. This love says, “I love you and therefore let go of all expectation and want whatever is best for you.” This is a love based on freedom, closeness, and respect for sovereignty. There is no room for jealousy, possessiveness or emotional manipulation. It is two people sharing their completeness. All of these qualities are Aquarian ideals.

We have some strong Aquarian energy now as we have 5 planets there. On this spectacular New Moon at 23 Aquarius 17 on February 11, 11:05 PST, we will have 6 planets. Astrologer Kelley Hunter describes it like a poker playing holding a flush.

Where is Aquarius in your chart?

What do you desire to manifest in your life?


The last time we had such a grouping in Aquarius was 1962, which was the Hippy Movement, with the “Make Love, Not War” slogan. Kennedy was President. There was space exploration. Bob Dylan and the Beatles were singing about reform. It was a great time of human rights, civil rights and women’s rights.

Aquarius is a humanitarian Fixed Air sign, which is group-oriented and concerned with human rights. It is high-minded, futuristic, and has a broad perception that wants progressive reforms.

We have a beautiful Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius on the New Moon, which is adding heart and enjoyment, or love and wisdom to this time. Venus then connects with Mercury on the 12th, so communicate with beauty and love.

We also have Pallas (practical intelligence) and Chariko (healing, creativity and transformation) in Aquarius. These add power, clear the space, and raise the vibrations for this time.

We have 8 major planets in Fixed now, which is giving us lots of tenacity to do tasks, but also stubbornness.

Uranus (revolutionary changer), Mars (energy and assertion) and Black Moon Lilith (deep and rebellious) are in Taurus, the Earth sign and these planets are in conflict in various degrees with all this Aquarian energy.

It is the Uranus (innovation) square Saturn (limits and boundaries), which is a major theme of 2021. This year there is the clash between the old and the new and control and freedom.

This New Moon is the start of the Chinese New Year and this is the Year of the Ox, which is stable grounded energy.

Mercury is still retrograde until February 20th. It is time to go over things and be cautious in your communications.


Pluto is still in Capricorn and in long standing squares with Dwarf planets Eris (revealer of the truth) in Aries and Haumea (regen

eration and childbirth) in Libra. It is a slow changing process of rebirth on the Earth.

It is an extraordinary time of luminosity and brilliance sweeping our solar system, despite how it looks on the mundane level. Tu

ne into these higher vibrations. Be aware of your intuition whispering wisdom through your dreams. Stand back and witness what is going in your life without getting emotionally evolved. Keep your vibrations high. Continue to ask for what you desire by believing in your ability to manifest. It is an empowering time to set intentions, so please take advantage of these energies.

May love be your way and the means.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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