Once in a Blue Moon and the Nature of our Times

Bad fortune has good fortune hiding within it,

and good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.

-Wayne Dyer’s interpretation of the Tao


This Halloween we had some surprises in store for us. On Saturday, October 31st at 7:49 am, we had the second Full Moon of October at 8 Taurus 38 and it was exactly conjunct unpredictable Uranus. I call Uranus the Rebel Genius, as it can be a revolutionary force that can challenge, instigate, awaken, and shock us. We can expect the unexpected.


Venus Tauras

Erratic Uranus is in the sign of stable Taurus in Western Astrology. Taurus likes security and doesn’t like change. They make strange bedfellows. Uranus will be in this practical, earthy, safety-minded sign until 2026. We are destined to experience extreme earth and political shocks, agricultural revolutions, and economic ups and downs. It is interesting how touchy Taurus has been restricted by Uranus (intellectual distance) because of the global pandemic.

Mercury (mental) is in Libra which wants fairness and balance. Mercury shifts direction and goes stationary direct right on Election Day. It forms a whopping challenge with Saturn in Capricorn (limitations of the patriarchy), so we can expect delays in communication and mail-in voting. We will not know a clear winner for a while. Joni Palty, a Vedic Astrologer, said, “If you think you know who wins think again.”

Neptune in its own sign Pisces is the planet of illusions and delusion. It is right at the midpoint of the nodal axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, which symbolize the dissimilation of knowledge. This tells us deception and fake news are prevalent. These are Mutable signs and represent slippery and changeable energy. We have rampant denial, disease, and deception. We are being lied to and we all are holding tight to our rigid beliefs.

Many astrologers agree that long kept secrets will be revealed. Mercury has been opposing Uranus, back and forth through its retrograde motions. This indicates disclosure and sudden and unforeseen shifts. Both Mercury and Uranus rule the nervous system, so engage in activities to sooth any anxiety and uncertainty, like exercise or long baths and showers.

We are in the death throws of the old ways. It is a break down period, so we can break through. The main culprits are the three heavy patriarchal planets—Jupiter (expansion and amplification), Pluto (death and rebirth), and Saturn (boundaries and limitation)—all in Capricorn (top-down structures of power). They have been in conflict with a retrograde Mars (assertion and drive) in its own expressive sign of Aries along with Eris, the Revealer of Discord. The individuals has been pushing back with the repressive authoritarian structures of government and police.

With Mercury, they all form a Cardinal (action-oriented) T-square. This could bring explosive words, anger and resentment about injustice and fairness. Haumea, Regeneration and rebirth is also in Libra is near Mercury and gives us enormous creativity. There is a lot happening on the mundane 3-dimensional level. We need to observe, but not get engrossed in collective drama.

November continues to be intense and, in many ways, it is a turning point. On November 7th we have a challenging aspect with Sun and Mars. We may experience disturbing anger toward our leaders.

Jupiter will make its last of three conjunctions with Pluto on November 12. This conjunction has been linked to spikes in the pandemic. The first was in April and second in June. It was also operative during the Spanish Flu of 1918-19.

Mars goes stationary direct on November 13.

It emphasizes frustrations. It will be a hot time and there will be social unrest regarding whoever wins. Mars also represents our courage and drive, so energy may be more available for forward movement.

Remember to keep a strong spiritual practice as we squeeze through the birth channel. Observe, but don’t become involved in the anger that is happening. Keep your vibrations high, knowing that there is a greater good happening. We are facing our personal shadows and the collective shadows.

The Initiations of the Hero Journey give us a cosmic code. It teaches us to be proactive and focus on what we want to become, not overcome. Love and allow and accept what Is. Let go of control, struggle, and drama. Take responsibility for our time, attention, and intention. Make life sacred and act as if you are the change you want to be.

Do whatever you need to do to acknowledge your mind and replace any negativity. Meditation, prayer, and using repeated affirmations are ways of keeping our minds calm and proactive.

We individually each have the power to restore and repair our country and the world. We each are like repair cells in our immune system that can heal the greater organism. Let us do our part by clearing our inner obstacles and creatively envisioning a better world.

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Let’s make this world a better place together by becoming a part of this bigger mission.

Enjoy the ride.

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