Awaken From the Pain Body

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Heal Emotionally

Explore your conditional past presented through fourteen emotional wounds that happen during our stages of growth—bonding, separation, reflection, confidence and belonging. With descriptive names, vivid stories, profound questions, and explicit pictures you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge and move through the pain body
  • Break your trances
  • Discover and heal your developmental wounds
  • Utilize emotional healing processes to offset your tendencies
  • Activate your resources and inner healer
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Awaken From the Pain Body deals with Campbell’s step entitled, the “Belly of the Whale.” Here we learn to identify and heal our emotional imprints, which created our wounding, through some glitch in our different developmental stages.

We can start to heal our injuries once we recognize the developmental model. As evolving humans, we have six stages of development, which correlate with our basic needs.

Bonding is to securely attach and feel worthy, loved, and wanted.

Nurturing is to feel nourished, safe, and secure.

Exploration is to be free to separate and discover from a secure base.

Reflection is to be seen, heard, and acknowledged as an identity.

Confidence is to be praised, respected, and accepted as competent.

Socializing is to belong, relate, and feel a part of something–ultimately Source.

If our caretakers are unable to fulfill our needs at critical times, we take on certain desires, feelings, responses, fears, beliefs, and energy modes, which comprise fourteen recognizable wounding patterns. Each wound leads us to discover the healing key and natural gift embedded within it that assists us in awakening from these trances.

Fourteen Emotional Patterns

Our fundamental need is to bond. We want to know that we are connected, worthy, lovable, and wanted. Improper bonding with any of our caretakers happens in the time from conception to about 1½ years old. The three patterns are:
1) The Insecure Clinger.
2) The Unloved Avoider.
3) The Unwanted Defender.

All of us desire to be nurtured, safe, and supported during the feeding stage, which is from birth to about 1½ years old. There is one pattern that transpires with inadequate nurturing:
4) The Deprived “Needer”.

We crave to be free and express ourselves in the world. If we had improper separations in the exploration stage, which is between 1½ and 3 years old, three trances may happen:
5) The Vulnerable Pursuer Merger.
6) The Distant Isolator.
7) The Mistrustful Skeptic.

All of us want to be acknowledged, seen, reflected, and treated fairly. If we receive improper reflecting, which happens between 3 and 4 years old, then three wounds may develop:
8) The Trapped Invaded.
9) The Compliant Submissive Pleaser.
10) The Dominant Rigid Controller.

We long to be accepted, valued, and seen as effective and competent. If our confidence was not properly instilled, which occurs between the ages of 4 and 5 years, we may fall into three traps:
11) The Compulsive Competitive Perfectionist.
12) The Criticized Saboteur.
13) The Privileged Entitled.

Finally, we all wish to belong, to be a part of something, and to relate with like-minded others. If there is some isolation, then we develop:
14) The Excluded Outcast.

We ultimately desire to honor the Divine within us and unify with our Source, but any self-recrimination or hatred keeps us locked in the lower self.

14 reviews for Awaken From the Pain Body

  1. 5 out of 5

    MJ Harden, Author of It takes Only One.

    Awaken from the Pain Body” entreats us to discover, to understand and to heal our emotional baggage and our long-lasting insecurities from childhood. La Puma suggests tools to stop feeding this pain body —ways to grow out of our habits and our emotional disarray. It is not a quick read because there is so much to ponder and La Puma offers so many methods for healing.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Beloved Heartsong, Healer, Musician, Composer

    This is a rich book filled with “buried treasure.” I gained a lot of insight and was reminded of much… found myself in many patterns. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece of love and wisdom.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Ty Koizumi, Poet, Journalist, Artist

    Compelling, entertaining, inspiring, enlightening! Karen’s words are a guiding light stirring a quiet storm inside, setting a fire in the forgotten, dark and hidden places. Artistic, tasteful, and generous, his book is powerful and intelligent. She’s a true teacher that activates our spirit to reconnect to our soul, giving us a passport to healing and living well.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Lorren Holden, Poet, Healer

    Great work, compelling material articulately and skillfully presented. The structure, ideas, and transitions support deep and far-reaching understanding. The logical flow of this transformative model is like an invitation to walk gently downhill to my truth. It is inspiring, accessible and a high demand work.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Patricia Greenough, Writer

    Fascinating, wonderful, pure gold in terms of coaching. The wisdom is exceptional, flows so pleasingly, rich in synthesizing and pulling many disparate authorities. This is primer for beginners as well as a holistic overview for those who have been on the path for some time.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jayne McPherson

    Great teachings to use to help re-center oneself. It truly enrolls the reader as a companion on the journey; practical, accessible, exuding courage on every page. It’s alive, a living piece.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Susan Schenck, Award-Winning Author

    Awaken From the Pain Body should be required reading for every parent. Learn what NOT to do and what TO DO so your child doesn’t have any of these 14 emotional wounding patterns. An easy, fun, fast read filled with poster-type photos that have quotation excerpts from the book. The posters activate the right brain. In fact, you could even use this as an oracle, and randomly open it for a message from your angels or higher self. There are many original quotes and quotes from famous spiritual leaders. The book has not only case studies (and I love that the author has her clients do The Work of Byron Katie!) but also the author’s personal experiences as a child, and how she overcame these limiting experiences. “I became my own mentor,” says the author. I also love that the print is so large I don’t need my reading glasses!

  8. 5 out of 5


    Awaken From the Pain Body by Karen La Puma is as valuable to healing professionals as it is to anyone undertaking their own healing. Easy to read, beautifully written and illustrated, this is an essential book to have in your toolkit! Aimée Lyndon-Adams, Author, Speaker and Emergence Mentor. It is an excellent resource.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Bobbie Lambert, Author, Therapist

    Karen La Puma clearly has a passion for healing and helping others to free themselves from old emotional patterns that no longer serve them, or maybe never did! The beautiful images and affirmations are an inspiration to always strive for new levels of self-growth.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Darren Starwynn, Author, Quantum Catalyst and Healer

    The first day I had this book Awaken From the Pain Body by Karen La Puma I randomly opened it and read the first thing I saw. I was amazed that what I read spoke directly to what I was deeply needing at that time. It was talking about the childhood patterns that create forms of perfectionism in adults, and Karen nailed me right there. Those words helped me shift in that moment and I’ve felt more free and at ease ever since. Since then I’ve read more of the book and it is so helpful and rich in valuable content. Let this book be your go-to guide, you will be glad you did.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Carole M. Pope, Attorney

    Understanding your Childhood wounds is In my opinion, a key path to improving myself and understanding myself. In her third book, in the Toolkit for Awakening Series, Ms. La Puma tackles our childhood wounds. She provides an overview of the various wounding by age, and its impact on our development. There is so much to absorb to help us understand the wounding we experienced, and Ms. La Puma provides a thorough explanation along with great tips and exercises to move us forward in a positive direction on our journey through life. As with her previous books, I highly recommend reading the quotes and reviewing the photographs first. Ms. La Puma is really providing a toolkit for improving lives, and I am excited to read the next books in the series.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Karen has done an exceptional job of organising self-help principles and methods into a useful tool kit. Awaken From the Pain Body is beautifully written and easy to follow. Karen shares her as well as the experiences of others to highlight her wisdom and knowledge. A worthy book.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Suzette Alvarado, Teacher and Dancer

    Love it! Reading this book now, I can’t put it down! Wonderfully written!Suzette Alvarado, Teacher and Dancer

  14. 5 out of 5

    Janine Daniels

    This book is a necessity for most humans. We are all living in a pain body these days. Great work Karen for helping us on our pathway to freedom.

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This book and this series give a road map through the symbolism of these archetypical giants. Encoded within the powers of the Goddess, the Warrior, and the Hero’s Journey is a path to awaken us from our conditioned sleepiness.


The Goddess tells us to love and allow, open our hearts, appreciate, and accept what Is. As we learn to put Joy first and trust the universal flow, we discover our ability to attract our desires. A Warrior’s mandate is to be vigilantly attentive to the present, for the only time is now and the only place is here. The Warrior dares us to be a responsible, willing, dynamic, courageous, and deliberate creator.


There is a cosmic clock ticking, which heralds change and a new paradigm on Earth. We are challenged to face our shadow and utilize our power to expand our consciousness.