Awaken Magnetic Creation

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Manifest Your Dreams

Our lives are our own phenomenal creation. We learn to “cross the threshold” into the art of manifestation by creating quantumly through the Laws of the Universe. With a simple formula, metaphors, stories, questions, processes, and pictures, you can:

  • Recognize the enormous and magical power of your mind.
  • Understand how magnetic attraction works.
  • Ask for the essence of your deeper desires.
  • Utilize the power of subconscious.
  • Appreciate the co-creative partnership with Source.
  • Infuse, accept, and allow your visions sensually and magnetically.
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In this book, Awaken Magnetic Creation, we learn to “Cross the Threshold,” which is the art of manifesting. We are encouraged to first recognize this power to create and then pick up our palette and design our life’s play. Our lives are our own phenomenal picture show. We write the script, play the roles, direct the scenes, provide the soundtrack, and make the movie and we do it either consciously or unconsciously.
We learn to utilize our inner treasures and integrate them with quantum manifesting principles with the archetypes of the Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey. We first are to ensure positive vibrations and break down all our unconscious resistances, so we are better able to allow what Is and embody the Goddess.
Once we are magnetic, we are to call upon the Warrior and empower and infuse our deliberate intentions with passion, images, and expectancy. Intention is a force of nature, not an act of will. As we fully see ourselves as the person we want to be, having the things we want to acquire, we embody the consciousness of our desires. We can die to the old self and be reborn a new.

5 reviews for Awaken Magnetic Creation

  1. 5 out of 5

    Donna Hamilton, PhD. Author

    Awaken Magnetic Creation is a beautiful book, almost encyclopedic in its scope. It flows well and illustrates that “our creative power resides in our imagination and repeated focus.” The author keeps inviting the reader to their inner power. It combines comprehensive information on the subject of manifestation with relevant stories, pictures, questions and affirmations.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kathleen Lustman, LAc, Acupuncture and Spiritual Sanctuary

    For those of you who intend to spark your creative self and uncover the
    mysteries of reality; Karen presents a practical wisdom guide. Bring your Spirit forward and deepen your life. Thank you for this Gift, Karen, a labor of love.

  3. 5 out of 5

    JoAnn Smith Ainsworth, Author

    Creating our future with intention and focus. A well written compilation with quoted references of the way our souls create our future through focus on our beliefs and intentions. I’d recommend the book both for the beginner and to keep at one’s fingertips as a reference during a personal journey.

  4. 5 out of 5

    MJ Harden, Author

    Part of the powerful series “A Toolkit for Awakening,” this book is about creation and manifestation, what the author assures us we can “say yes” to. Imagination, law of attraction, surrendering, intention, the power of our minds–we are reminded of all of these. “We have the power,” is what this book is all about. Read a bit of it every day to keep these reminders fresh. Read this daily as a reminder.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Suzette Alvarado, Teacher, Dancer

    Excellent, a must read for those seeking truth and understanding. Bravo! Love this book.

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Keys to Manifesting

  • We are to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Ask for the essence of your desires, letting go of who, what, when, where and how.
  • Understand the Laws of the Universe, for example, attraction or like attracts like and what we believe in our mind is what we create.
  • We are all one and co-creating together in vast Universe.
  • We have a God inspired imagination and enormous and magical mind power.
  • We have free will and choice to set deliberate intentions.
  • We should use the minimal effort and create in a relaxed manner.
  • We are to be patient and persistent over time.
  • We are to infuse our visions with the assumption that we are already are and have our visions.
  • The more present and grounded we are in our bodies, the easier we manifest.
  • Our deep desires need to feel natural and obtainable.