I love it!!! A call to awaken. Stirs one’s deepest spiritual aspirations and stimulates an inner desire to live the best and truest life. La Puma offers us more than good information in a highly readable style. She offers an experience of awakening.

Susan Campbell, PhD, Author, expert in Relationships and Communications

Awakening Female Power is a rich, encapsulating experience, a way of entering the garden of the feminine in a practical way that honors and embraces the four intelligences.

Angeles Arrien, PhD, Author

Karen La Puma's writing combines Myth, legend, science, psychology, and spirituality that will create a profound effect within any woman. Awakening Female Power is a masterful job of creating a source book for the woman who is willing to access all that available is to her.

Terry Cole-Whittaker, Author, Minister

Awakening Female Power is a real contribution to the quest to find the sources of feminine inspiration that have lain dormant for such a long time. In a lively and evocative style, La Puma offers symbols, metaphors and Myth to help women connect with the many facets of the Goddess within—for health, creativity, relationship balance, erotic fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Ralph Metzner, PhD, Psychologist and Author

Karen La Puma's book, Awaken A New Myth, is beautifully illustrated, well-written and thought provoking. For all those interested in developing self-understanding and honoring your purpose in life, this book will take you there by giving you tools to go within and create the life you were meant to lead. Taking time to read and re-read the book as well as contemplate the well-posed questions, will clearly enhance your life. Karen's passion for and understanding of life's process shines through on every page, resulting in a true masterpiece!

Carole M. Pope, Attorney

Awaken a New Myth an empowering and insightful read. The author weaves a variety of stories and mythologies into the chapters within the fascination of the Hero's Journey, It’s a great read with enjoyable quotes. In "Engaging Nature," Karen writes about the elements and how they relate to us personally. The chapters are short and easy to read, but are not short on thought provoking ideas. There are plenty of journal and discussion prompts, great for my own exploration as well as inspiration for my groups. The affirmations at the end of each chapter bring everything together. I look forward to reading more from this author!

Deanna Nagle, Yoga Trainer, Leader of Women’s Circle.

If you want an uplifting book that will truly light up your heart then Awaken a New Myth is a must-read. This book opened up my heart, and warmed my soul. As a life coach and a clinical psychologist, I highly endorse this book and urge my clients who want to shift to allow for more love, peace, freedom and beauty to run and grab this book today.

Dr. Terri Levine, Bestselling author of Magnetizing

Exciting, motivating, enlightening, and inspiring, invoking within me that desire to find the authentic version of myself. I love how this author took the Hero's Journey, and applied it to real life on so many levels. Words are dense with meaning, just the way I like a self-help book, making this book one to be read and re-read until what the author is saying makes that proverbial light bulb go off in our head. - the brilliance of the pictures and quotes on almost every page summarize the learning and makes this process easy. I will continue to go back through the book, using the images and quotes as wisdoms to meditate on during my yoga practice. I feel Awaken A New Myth will be many things to many people, all as unique as they are, and offering to meet us where we are each time we open it.

If you have read Awaken A New Myth by Karen La Puma, then Awaken from Ego is a must-read as well. While the first book takes one on an overall journey of deep thought and inspiration, this one dives further into the nitty gritty of becoming our true selves. It goes within the Hero’s Journey that the author used in the first book, diving into the step of “Refusing the Call.” As the author says in the book, “The ways and means of this interrelated model are medicine for our soul’s dilemma.” She is so right. Once again, as the depth and density of her words take time to really grasp, it begins the wonderful process of thinking and self-discovery. Once read through, thought about, the genius of the images and quotes makes it a great book to just grab when you need a pick-me-up, and you can be reminded of her teachings, which are so encouraging, all over again. Great series full of thought-provoking material aimed at guiding one to be a better and truer you.

Kiki Howell, USA Today Bestselling Author, Yoga Teacher

Awaken A New Myth explains the process in a light but substantial read, and gently leads you on the journey. This is one unique inspirational book, in that it has lovely and inspiring mini-posters, with stunning quotes from the book. So if you don’t feel like donning your reading glasses and doing some serious reading, you can just peruse the quotes. You can even request a special message (asking your angel, higher self, or whomever) and randomly open it. I just LOVE the quotes throughout.

Awaken From the Pain Body should be required reading for every parent. Learn what NOT to do and what TO DO so your child doesn’t have any of these 14 emotional wounding patterns. An easy, fun, fast read filled with poster-type photos that have quotation excerpts from the book. The posters activate the right brain. In fact, you could even use this as an oracle, and randomly open it for a message from your angels or higher self. There are many original quotes and quotes from famous spiritual leaders. The book has not only case studies (and I love that the author has her clients do The Work of Byron Katie!) but also the author’s personal experiences as a child, and how she overcame these limiting experiences. “I became my own mentor,” says the author. I also love that the print is so large I don’t need my reading glasses!

Susan Schenck, award-winning author of "The Live Food Factor and several other books".

Awaken a New Myth This book is a wonderful starter’s kit for spiritual growth. It’s an easy-to-digest way of introducing profound teachings. There’s a photo with an in-depth saying on every page—a quick reminder of what the author is explaining. She includes quotes and insights from teachers and gurus and saints and thinkers, and she also shares deep stories from her own life. All are great reminders and important lessons.

Awaken From Ego is such a helpful book —the author insightfully describes the Enneagram — a model of nine personality/ ego types. From her descriptions, it’s easy to determine your own “ego type” and, once defined clearly, you can move forward in lessening and potentially eliminating the ego that all too readily runs your life.”

Awaken from the Pain Body entreats us to discover, to understand and to heal our emotional baggage and our long-lasting insecurities from childhood. La Puma suggests tools to stop feeding this pain body —ways to grow out of our habits and our emotional disarray. It is not a quick read because there is so much to ponder and La Puma offers so many methods for healing.

MJ Harden, Author of "It Takes Only One"

“Once in a while we are blessed with a text, a teacher, or a piece of art that illumines our thinking, uplifts our psyches, opens our hearts, inspires higher choices to expand our potential, and motivates us to evolve. Awaken a New Myth delivers on all accounts. Karen has created a visual and informative treasure chest of support to assist us in our spiritual evolution and growth. The perfect coffee table book!”

Beloved Heartsong, LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing, Musician and Composer

A beautifully written book, Awaken A New Myth is packed full of wisdom. Written with quotes and visual impacts that allow time for the information to sink in. I enjoyed the affirmations at the end of each chapter summing up what I had read. The reflective questions are a great self-help tool supporting me to go deeper into my process. Karen beautifully illustrates that the inner world is reflected in our outer world; and so to change our reality it must begin within.

Susan Buonocore, MA, Good Heart Studio

Awaken A New Myth is fabulous, excellent visuals, touches both the right and left brain and a great book to read before beginning a meditation. Karen is a talented writer. She pulls together many thinkers from different cultures and make it accessible to the western mind. As you get a taste of a kaleidoscopic view, it will enable you to delve deeper into what interest you.

Barbara Goff, An Award Winning Educator

The presentation style of Awaken A New Myth is quite unique and powerful. Many quote/photos create a visual image that settles deeply in the mind and soul. I found myself pondering ideas in a new way, sometimes stopping to let the images and thoughts sink in. Even after reading it the first time, I found myself just opening it up to a random page and absorbing even more. This book is a beautiful gift to the world.

Cathy Weber-Zunker, Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Karen has given me beautiful counsel for over 40 years, keeping me focused on “what I want to become not overcome” and staying clear of those fearful thoughts. Her books have the potential to do the same for many, many people... Maybe you!

Devi Jacobs, CEO of Outback, Adventurous Clothing

I feel your sweet and guiding presence in it and what a gift that is to be sharing with the world!!! I’m so happy you’ve seen this project through, we are so lucky to have your wisdom, grace, and compassion to steer us true. Thank you, Karen

Diva Pyari, Artist, Seminar Leader

Inspirational, Easy to read and apply in your daily life. Awaken A New Myth is a book within a book to use over and over again and leave on your coffee table to pick up whenever you want encouragement.

Robin Fett, Counselor, Hypnotherapist

Awaken A New Myth is an uplifting book, speaks to the heart and embraces the soul. The reader feels a lightness, depth, and sense of wonder in visualizing the pictures and quotes. Not only do you feel held, but also you can return over and over again for additional support.

Rachel Gila, RN, Qigong Teacher

Enjoy how the ancient stories and the personal stories entertainingly tie everything together.

Shaye McKinney, Artist

I love this material! It is important, exciting, wonderfully wise, well expressed, organized, and inspiring in its clarity. Karen is perfect as the author of this guide.

Clive Matson, Poet, Author

What an artistic masterpiece! Awaken A New Myth is remarkable! Essential truths and reflective stories illumine the mind; as inspiring images communicate directly to the heart.

Awaken From Ego is a fabulous, beautiful, an artistic masterpiece, I love the pictures. Just looking at the pictures deepened my understanding of the types. Karen felt into each selection.

Awaken Magnetic Creation is a beautiful book, almost encyclopedic in its scope. It flows well and illustrates that “our creative power resides in our imagination and repeated focus.” The author keeps inviting the reader to their inner power. It combines comprehensive information on the subject of manifestation with relevant stories, pictures, questions and affirmations.

Donna Hamilton, PhD, MFT, Author

“A reading meditation.”

Robert Henrikson, Author

It’s not often you find a self-help book where you actually have to worry about “spoilers.” Maybe I better explain. Karen La Puma is a real deal Goddess person with a long list of good credentials in self-help. She has created a book, which is part narrative, part introspection, part anecdotal, and turned it in to a journey. This is NOT a book where you just scurry through the pages. Quite the opposite. Each page is a story, or questions for yourself, or a guidance in some form or another. The Goddess Factor is a neo-pagan idea, but the origins of the Goddess are as old as human prehistory. The Goddess is a complex framework of ideas, as well as a type of image-story-guide. Fortunately for readers, Karen La Puma obviously knows some of the old storytelling techniques, too. She sets things out well, in good size pieces for reading and reflecting. She’s descriptive, rather than decorative. She’s insightful, rather than “interior decorating” her ideas. Having set out to something extremely difficult, a personal journey translated into both a working principle and a story as well, Karen La Puma achieves a very good effort indeed. She makes her storyline very accessible, going to extraordinary lengths to bring the reader in to the storyline on a meaningful, not clinical, basis. Be warned now of something very good indeed – You can’t just read this book from cover to cover like a novel or a manual. Nor should you. To get the benefits of this obvious literary labor of love, it’s best to go through each page, quite literally, to explore the ideas. You’ll find you go back to particular sections pretty regularly. That’s why I’m not going to quote from the book. Taking random samples really couldn’t do Awaken a New Myth proper justice. You can’t just quote a whole range of personal questions, for example, and expect it to resonate as it does in Awaken a New Myth. Read this book and its many questions and stories. Let’s go a bit further – I’d advise writers of self help books to read this book to see Karen La Puma’s technique. It’s hard work to write in this style, but wow, does it deliver the messages. For one thing in particular I will applaud Karen La Puma’s work – It’s YOUR book as much as hers, when you read it. You get something for yourself with each section, each picture, and you can keep it for yourself. She gives her readers a lot to work with, and delivers her message with generous amounts of useful, thought-provoking ideas. That’s a great thing to say about any book.

Paul Wallis, Author, Editor, Australia

Karen is a writer who does her research. She has only one motive for writing: to impart wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and support to those who struggle to acknowledge their own value and worth. Or who try to understand why they react the way they do in certain recurring situations. Her books contain a wealth of help based on first hand lessons learned.

Patricia Parrott, Byron Katie Counselor