Karen La Puma has been described as “a teacher of teachers.” Let Karen and her work be your coach and counselor to help motivate you to reach your goals and support your personal process of awakening.

Personal and Group Mentoring

Experience the wisdom of the model and Karen’s synthesis through on-going teaching. Explore and clarify your potential, soul’s purpose, right livelihood and career directions.


Classes are available periodically in person and remotely.

Personal Sessions

Let a personal session with Karen La Puma help you with questions, understand your present, awaken from past conditionings, increase your sensitivity, and eliminate anything that is in the way of living as a God/Goddess. Karen draws from her extensive knowledge, skills and experience of astrology, tarot, and hypnotherapy to provide clarity, spiritual guidance, nurturing healing, and practical support.


Your Natal Horoscope is your soul’s blueprint and magically depicts countless factors about you. It reveals the components of your personality, such as your motivations, inner urges, life’s purpose, your strengths and talents, your approach to life, and relationship desires, and abilities. This cosmic map is also an excellent timing tool to help you see what is going on in your life. An understanding of Transits enables you to honor the archetypal patterns that call you at this time.

Relationship Counseling

If you desire support with your relationship issues and want to explore their purpose, check the compatibility issues with the art of Synastry (comparing two different charts) and Composite Charts (a combined chart) and convert challenges to your advantage.


This ancient pictorial wisdom magically mirrors your soul’s present journey, reflecting both your internal and external experience. Ask specific questions and receive concrete, clear, and reassuring guidance.

Certified Hypnotherapy

With a spiritual approach, you can comfortably relax into the deep, non-verbal levels of consciousness, and release layers of constricting beliefs and conditioning. From this place of clarity, you are able to answer your own questions, relieve feelings of separateness, and experience union with the Divine. With deep relaxation, anything that arises can be directly experienced and liberated. Simple, practical tools to help dissolve old habits are offered so you come to a place of clear seeing, with a deep inner knowing and peace.