Solar Effects and New Moon

There is an underlying intelligence that organizes
the infinite of things happening
and connects all things with each other.
Deepak Chopra

Late Tuesday, the 19th, at 10:30 PDT, or early Wednesday, the 20th, 1:30 EST, there was a New Moon in Virgo. A New Moon is a time of beginnings. Like when we put the seed into dirt, it’s dark, but promising.

We are dealing with the aftermath of the August 21st Total Eclipse, where that Leo lion unleashed a mighty roar. Its wild ferocity has let loose a barrage of fires, earthquakes, horrific hurricanes, and floods. Mother Earth is expressing its quantum shift violently, suddenly, and irrevocably. More than climate change, this influx of electro-magnetic energy from the cosmos is an awakening.

Neptune, the Sea God, is rousing these storms, bringing huge multidimensional waves, and shifting solid ground from under us. As the earth rumbles, cries, rages, and has its tantrums, my insides were feeling uneasy, distracted, and restless.

Have you been feeling out of sorts, maybe the cells of your body were a little seasick at times?

We are about halfway through a 14-year cycle as Neptune (Mystical Escapist) in its own sign, Pisces, until 2026. That is what we call a “double whammy.” It is a time of enormous creativity, spirituality, and psychic sensitivities as we learn about the quantum powers within us to manifest like Gods. Yet, it is also a time of despair, confusion, and delusion. Often discouraged, disheartened, and disconnected, our politics feel like a three-ring circus of deception, intrigue, and division.

This New Moon in earthy Virgo closely opposes Chiron, the wounded healer, which is challenging us to serve, simplify, and make the mundane sacred. We are being called to adjust the physical and spiritual, so we can realign our bodies with the heart of the Earth.

It’s Equinox (Sept. 22-23), and we are experiencing the seasonal balance before the Scales tip toward greater darkness. The southern hemisphere plants and the northern hemisphere harvests.

Mars (energy, direction) opposes Neptune on the 24th, suggesting more diversion, tiredness, and aimlessness. There are better ways to use this energy.

Can you bring in some dance, sway with your favorite music, and tap your toes as it’s a wonderful antidote?

Try setting your intentions from your deeper motivations and repeatedly program them right before you go to sleep by seeing from them with a scene that verifies the wish fulfilled.

There is change in the air, new alliances, spontaneous decision, and maybe overturning the power players as Pluto (death/rebirth) goes direct and Jupiter (expansion) makes its last opposition with Uranus (revolutionary change) on the 28th.
This New Moon has Neptune opposing Mercury (mind), influencing communications to be confusing, tricky, and misconstrued.

Can you head the warning and challenge yourself to take care of your body, so you can handle stress and listen clearly and compassionately?

How can we turn off the news, which is terrorizing us, and find some Divine inspiration and/or be of service?

We are all being challenged two ways:
we must be grounded and responsible in material activities
as well a function effectively in our inner world.
Rio Olesky

I am so blessed to have my writing and to be working with such superlative archetypes as the Goddess Warrior and the Hero. As I near completion of the isolated part of writing A Toolkit for Awakening series, and embark on the journey of publishing and marketing, I find that the psychic Internet is vibrating at a high frequency. Neptune is the urge to go higher in consciousness, beyond the mundane, to nurture our souls. The Goddess symbolizes love, allowing, and compassion and is Divinely inspired. The Warrior encourages us to be responsible, present, and set intentions. The Hero tells us to separate from the past, be proactive, make life sacred, be the change you wish to see, and give back to your community.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
The goal of life is to make your heartbeat
match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.
Joseph Campbell

We are all in this together. We are to keep our feet efficiently on the ground, while our heads flow with the heavens.

Happy New Moon and many blessings, Karen

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