Surrender and Say Yes

As we experience this expansive holiday season, I would like to offer you two very different messages: surrendering negativity and saying the eternal yes.

Before I begin, let me give you a little astrological report. I invite you to open to the magic of the Jupiter (abundant, benevolence) in Scorpio (depth, intensity) trine Neptune (spiritual, intuitive, creative) in its own sign, Pisces (sensitive, inspiring) that is happening now. This positive aspect in water signs can allow our imagination to open us to innovative visions and solutions.

The Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 7:47 am PST at 11 degrees Gemini, exactly square Neptune ( mystical escapist). We feel the energy of polarity, Illusions, and reinvention for three days and we are being asked to be open to our creative and intuitive vibrations to clarify issues. This is a Super Full Moon, meaning the Moon is closest to the Earth and can appear 30% brighter. This is a time to be social and communicate your ideas with friends. We can balance the chatty mind (Gemini) with your deepest philosophical beliefs (Sagittarius) and set our intentions and attention on your deepest heart felt desires.

Mercury goes retrograde Saturday December 2 at 11:34 pm PST until December 22 at 5:51 pm, so be careful with decisions, contracts, communication, and travel plans. In Vedic astrology, retrogrades are a strength as they are closer to the earth. Be cautious with your speech, take time for introspection, and finish those projects.

Adopting an attitude of surrender is important, anytime. When something happens that we don’t like, and we allow it, we stop fighting with reality. Accepting what is happening is not resignation; it is being in the flow and moving into a positive vibration.

How do we surrender when our peace is completely disrupted?

I had to learn to surrender to an unrelenting and complaining person, where I felt controlled and my boundaries were invaded. I initially handled the situation with appeasement at my expense. Both feeling invaded and being a pleaser were mirroring my childhood patterns. I took some deep breaths, noticed all those uncomfortable feelings, and felt them in my body. I could then let them flow through me. After that, I decided to take a long walk to clear my resistance, as I couldn’t resolve the issues, from an agitated state of mind. With fresh air, vigorous movement, and the clarity of my patterns being activated, I was able to choose to handle the situation differently.

Old patterns are hard to break though, for the agitation of the familiar feelings kept coming up with each persistent demand. I had to completely accept my decision, feel comfortable with saying no, and take my attention away from the other person. Every time my thoughts would go to him, I would say to myself, “Your opinions are valuable to you. His opinions are valuable to him. It is also not acceptable for anyone to impose their opinions on another.” We can use our conflicts as a call to go deeper, without losing our integrity. I tried to view the struggle through my third eye and look for a higher solution. The resolution took a while, for as I held my boundaries, he doggedly pushed harder. For a while, I felt defensive and struggled with the intrusion, but I knew I had to get out of the power struggle and go into my heart. I literally had to move the energy from the solar plexus into my heart center. I took some space and kept sending love and peaceful energy.

Once we get completely centered in our deeper selves, we can let go of the story behind our grievances, and wisely choose another avenue of thought. With depth and the right frame of mind, we can choose to be calm and let go and let God.

A powerful message I received from Donna Hamilton as I described a situation was: “Let it be and don’t want it any other way. Be open to the circumstance in the present moment, not even wishing it to be different.” When we learn not to battle reality, we become less reactive. As we allow what Is, we lighten up and stop taking things personally.

The present is our point of power. When we get into the moment, we have a choice. Let’s say yes to the moment.

“I thank you God for this most amazing day,
for leaping greenly spirits of trees and the blue dream of sky
and everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”

-e.e. cummings

Dwelling in the eternal yes is having the innocence and buoyancy of a child that is full of delight at sheer possibilities. No matter what our age, the beauty of embracing everything with newness keeps us in awe.

Saying yes is being in a state of wonder. When we dwell with astonishment, the simplest of events have more dimensionality. Living with wonder and fullness has a buoyant curiosity that connects things and allows for the endless promises in life.

With the beginner’s mind, we can bring things into deeper perspective and delve into the heart and soul of things. When a child sees a cardboard box, it can become a fort or a cave. A flower converts to a colorful perfume miracle. A hummingbird is fascination personified. A tree turns into a symbol of rootedness and expansion as it reaches majestically into the heavens. When we live with exhilarating exuberance, we make life enchanting.

“The soul has an absolute and unforgiving need
for regular excursions into enchantment.”

-Thomas Moore

This state of positive acclamation is waking up thankful everyday for whatever we have. There are so many things we take for granted. When we live with the fullness of wonder, we can start to celebrate the little miracles of life that are everywhere. We can marvel at having food in the refrigerator or having money in our pocket and walking into a grocery store with the endless opportunities of having whatever meets our fancy.

It is not a phenomenon that all we have to do is put a key into a car and feed it some fuel and we can move comfortable around from place to place? Our cars are our constant companions who wait faithfully for us and are ready and willing to be at “our beckon and call.”

If we take the stance of appreciation, we’ll see beauty and abundance everywhere. Sunny skies, wind in our hair, the smell of lavender, flowers, mountain roads, electricity, cities, children, and animals are just a sampling of life’s miracles. When we learn to say yes, we are fully appreciating or praising what is showing up. It is grasping the fullness of our experiences. By admiring or being pleased with something, we fall in love with it. Whatever we praise, we give it honor, accolade, and tribute.

I believe together we can inspire, evolve, heal, awaken, and manifest with the symbolism of the Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey. Be a part of my inspiration and signup to get a beautiful welcome gift offer. I ask that you, my community share in my vision and mission and help spread the word. Please bring the light of evolution to your friends, so this community can grow.

“We increase whatever we praise.
The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.”

-Charles Fillmore

Being filled with wonderment and awe makes each moment purposeful and enhances dream making. Life becomes more.

“I become what I behold.”
-Walt Whitman

Look at these two concepts and ask yourself:
Am I magnifying a “problem” by identifying with negative stories and struggles?
Or Am I intentionally aligning and co-creating with Source energy?
Let’s get out of the resistance and our negative story and flow with the joyous yes and have a grace filled holiday. May your hearts and souls be blessed with peace and wonderment in this season of giving.

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