eclipse moon
November 24, 2020

In hard times inner changes must precede changes to outer circumstances. -Michael Meade We are living in a time of massive history making. When we look at the larger picture, through Astrology, we are in the deconstruction of an old order. Pluto (death/rebirth) is traveling through Capricorn until 2023. Capricorn rules government, top-down power and…

August 31, 2020

Focus on people who inspire you, rather than annoy you. You will get further in life. -Kristen Butler There is a major Cardinal (movement) theme. Mars (aggression) and the Dwarf planet, Eris (revealer of discord) are in Aires (sign of the Individual, sovereignty). They are conflicting with a grouping in Capricorn (authority structures, government)—Jupiter (amplification),…

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