The Benefits of Referring to the Stars

Raise your words, not your voice.

It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.


Astrology offers a rich language to understand our times. Lately it has been such a compelling drama. In Astrology, we have been talking about 2020 with awe and wonder for a decade. It did not disappoint! These last two months are intense and have enormous Astrological energy. We have an opportunity to tune into it and make some progress, even if we are still in lock down.

On November 12, we have our third and last conjunction of Jupiter (expansion and amplification) with Pluto (primal energy of death and rebirth) in dogmatic Capricorn. The first was in April and second in June, which correlated with spikes in the Coronavirus. With this one, we also see a rise in cases. There could be surprising news or technology that could change our reality.

On a personal level and since we also have the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (mental and communications) in deep Scorpio, it is a perfect time to delve into our underbelly. It is our shadow (those hidden parts of us that we often project out to others) and our wounding that are often unconsciously running our lives. What do you dislike about others of your same sex as it is possibly one hint to identify your shadow?

If you are unsure about your emotional wounding, I have a book, Awaken from the Pain Body, that discusses the most common wounds, created from our developmental stages that can help you. It is unpublished at this moment, but I am looking for honest reviews and will send you a free PDF, if you are interested.

On November 13, Mars (energy, drive, and aggression) turns stationary direct in its own sign of freedom loving Aries. If you have felt tired, frustrated, and aimless for a while, things should pick up. This is forward movement energy! Active your Warrior and be present with your intentions. How can you give clarity to what you want to achieve?

Here is a Political Note: On November 13, Pluto quincunx Donald’s Sun, which shows a contradiction. Is he going to walk away from a position of power? (We can wonder, Will he step down or have Pence pardon him and the other cronies?) He is in serious trouble as Pluto will oppose his Venus and Saturn in December, which could indicate his heath.

On November 14, we have a Super New Moon at 23 Scorpio 18 at 9:07 PM PST. New Moons are always a time to set intentions. Where does Scorpio fall in your Astrological Birth Chart? That is the area of your life that is indicative of what the new beginnings are expressing.

Intense Scorpio, a Fixed Water Sign, suggest emotions are high. This Sun Moon conjunction has opportunistic aspects with the heavy cluster in Capricorn, Jupiter (abundance), Pluto (destruction and regeneration), and Saturn (boundaries, controls, and disciplines). We can expand our horizons, feel empowered, and commit to something long-term. How can you find greater and deeper meaning to your life? What is drawing you to become involve in?

On November 16-19, Venus (love and values) is in justice-seeking Libra. She will conflict with the governing and ambitious Capricorn cluster and we will see the good, the bad, and the ugly of relating. Remember always to be kind.

On November 17, we have Mercury (mind) in intense Scorpio oppose Uranus (awakener, challenger) in stable Taurus for the third time. Secrets and disclosures could be revealed. It may indicate a breakthrough or higher

way of seeing something. Things could shift. Be open to changing your mind. Eris (speaking out for justice) is conflicting with Jupiter (increase), so there may be protesting to combat the authorities. Then it will challenge Pluto and Saturn, so our voices want to be heard. Death Tarot Card

On November 28, Neptune (spirituality, creativity, and illusions) in its own dreamy sign of Pisces goes stationary direct. This trines Mercury, so we have high imagination available to us. We are still dealing with the Nodal Axis being squared by Neptune, so we have to keep asking: What is true and what is not? Keep a dream journal as you can receive great guidance.

Only Uranus (revolutionary awakener) in unchanging Taurus and Chiron (wounded healer) in independent Aries are retrograde now. Therefore, all this forward moving energy will make a big change in our lives.

On November 30, we have the beginning of Eclipse season, with a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 8 Gemini 38. This is the exact degree of Donald’s prenatal Eclipse, which is indicative of a sensitive point in his chart and could affect his health. It conjoins the US natal Uranus near its 7th house (partnerships) cusp, indicating in the air. The whole two-week period is an intense time and its affects can last months.

On December 14, we have a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 23 Sagittarius 08. This powerful energy is right on Donald’s Moon and South Node and is indicative of an emotional loss. Astrologer Dawn Silver explained it as, “The light of the moon is cut off and one can feel lost and abandoned! Being raked over the coals! Often related to moving!”

On December 21, we have the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. It is Winter Solstice and is a huge change as we are moving from these 20-year cycles being in earth signs to air for the next 200 years.

On December 23, we have another Mars (anger) triggering Eris (revealer of discord) and both conflict with Pluto (powerful intense primal energy), so there will be assertive protest. Let us cover our nation and the world with positive visions of transformation as the old regime dies.

2021 is an active, dynamic, fluctuating, and transforming year as we continue in the molting of the old and regenerating the new. Don’t look for comfort right now, but go beyond your limitations. Learn to bring joy in whatever you can.

Watch this short video for more information.

Keep your vibration high, by watching the cosmic drama, but not embodying it. Our thoughts are electric impulses. Our emotions are magnetic waves. Beam out to the Unified Field, thoughts and feelings of positive transformation. It is a friendly Universe. There is a higher purpose to this pandemic and the conflicts and power struggles. Stand firm on your spiritual practices. Remember your deepest Self that is connected to the Divine.

Have a joyous and productive Eclipse Season.

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Let’s make this world a better place together by becoming a part of this bigger mission.

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