The Call to Greatness

The Call to Greatness

We have the evolutionary structure to fulfill our spiritual destiny today.

-Alan Clay 

There is an activation happening at this time. An enormous amount of light is pouring into the earth now. Even though there is a crisis in our precious earth’s environment, chaos in our political arenas and a major split in our society, a revolution of light and love is occurring. There is a call to greatness for all those who feel they have a spiritual light. We beckon you to join with others who have opened consciously to the light and love within.

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Consciousness is expanding greatly. In order for this spiritual revolution to take place we all need to step up to the greater part of ourselves and take full partnership with this Divine Love, adding our personal light to it. It takes a willingness to commit to Living as a spiritual being.

If you believe that you are connected to a greater wholeness, please take some steps to deepen that connection. This Oneness is Source and often described as a Unified Field. Another name is the Quantum Field. Take a second now to feel this greater sphere that exists within and without. When I connect with the Quantum Field, my being expands. I literally feel as if the molecules of my cells are expanding and mixing with the cosmic energy.

sunlight cloudsWe have a major planetary aspect in the heavens right now, which denotes this spiritual revolution. It is telling us to expect the unexpected. It may be breakdowns and breakthroughs. It is a powerful triple conjunction of Uranus, North Node and Mars at 19 Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is “A newly formed continent.”


Uranus, the planet of awakening and evolutionary change, represents rebellion and group revolution. It symbolizes freedom, liberation, surprises, revelations, and reform. It is associated with flashes of insight, quickening, quantum jumps and an acceleration of thoughts, intellectual brilliance and originality.

Have you noticed any of those experiences or feeling restless lately?

The North Node in is the path of integration. It is the pulse of society’s call. In Vedic astrology its name is Rahu and it is an amplifier.

Mars is the hot instigator, a motivational force to activate and stimulate movement. It stirs us to take action.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that represents our physical existence. It is our desire for comfort and sameness also feelings of safety and financial security.

Do you know where 19 Taurus is in your astrological chart? This is the area in your life where these changes and flashes of insight are occurring.

My guidance tells me to focus on love and not effort. Humanity is ready to hear the call. The timing is now.

We have been strongly dealing with the challenges between the old and new, controls versus freedom, centralization and decentralization and the past and the future for a couple of years. Astrologically this is seen with the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. 

What have you outgrown? I have completely outgrown my conditional trances and survival mechanisms.

How is the fight between the old and new, freedom and controls within you?

Hear the longing in your heart for your own personal awakening from your everyday trances. Be aware when your mind judges, when you withhold love or when you feel polarized. Spiritually there is no other.

Can you see others as an aspect of yourself?  

How are these self-serving politicians a part of you? 

Keeping your vibrations high is part of your work. Do not let the outer disturbances affect you. When life jars you with its upsetting news, irritating issues disturb you, and distractions sidetrack you, stop and reconnect with your center.

Breathe deeply and then reestablish a clear connection with your deeper Self. Just breathe for a time. Honor your sensitivities and keep letting go of all that is in the way of your connection to the Divine Source. When you focus on the light and love within, you can keep your frequencies high.

To truly live the Larger Life, you have to do your inner work and engage in multidimensional forgiveness. See yourself in a temple of light. Start by apologizing to all you have hurt. Secondly, forgive those that hurt you. Then finally do self-forgiveness.

heart and hands

Move out of the small identities and the trances of your conditioning. Embrace and step into a new identity. I have been working with the archetypes of the Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey for decades. It is not about labels, but what is behind the model.

Embracing the energies of the Goddess is to love and allow, and accept what is. When you stop resisting what life brings you, you create an atmosphere of magnetism.

Being a Warrior means setting worthy goals and being accountable for your time, attention and intention. The only point of power is here and now.

Being a Hero is letting go of the past, doing your inner work, following a code of ethics and giving back to the world what you have learned.

Hear the Call and come aboard this spiritual revolution. With a strong intention to live the higher life, you are joining your love and light with others of like mindedness.

For more information and to join in this spiritual movement, please check out My partner, Darren Starwynn, has created a ministry that is a hub for like-minded Lightworkers to come together.

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