Welcome to January and Cosmic Themes of 2021

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
Albert Einstein

happy new year

This new year is a very different year than 2020. It is a better year, although it will have its challenges. Last year was dominated by the amplification (Jupiter) of death (Pluto) and restriction (Saturn). There was an emphasis on goal-oriented Cardinal signs, especially the top-down power of Capricorn and individualistic Aries. There were lots of retrogrades, which caused slow movement and back tracking.

This year will have more movement. It is a transitional year with an emphasis on change, rebellion, and social unrest (Uranus). The major theme of 2021 and next year is the dance between the Fixed signs of sober Saturn in Aquarius and revolutionary Uranus in Taurus.


Uranus and Saturn are very different energies. Saturn’s principles of security, order, and limits conflict with Uranus’ inclination toward upheaval, change, and freedom. Saturn is cautious, conventional, controlling, stable, and regulating. Uranus is fast, urgent, unique, non-conforming, unstable, and deregulating.

The signature of social unrest shows that the people who do not feel heard will challenge the old regime and status quo. We will have to learn to enact change given the very real structures and limits of our lives and the world.

We have begun a whole new era of social change with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This Fixed, universal, yet progressive, technological sign is a big emphasis this year. We are moving from corrupt power controls to radically reshaping and reforming society. Change is slow. We have problems to solve through technology.

The USA was born in a revolution and it is in orb of its Pluto Return, exact in 2022. There will be a transformation of government and values in the USA and this death/rebirth is already in process.

January is an intense, volatile month, as we have already seen. The coronavirus death count continues to rise. On January 6th, combative Mars moved out of feisty Aires (after 6 months) and into Taurus in orb of explosive Uranus. On that day Pluto was conjunct Mercury in Capricorn and opposing the USA Mercury, reflecting the power struggles, miscommunications and catharsis. The world watched in horror as government leaders incited and defended an attack on our democracy.

Uranus and Mars in Taurus will be conjunct exactly right on Inauguration Day, January 20th. Black Moon Lilith is in the mix, which doesn’t play by the rules. All this adds to the possibility of volatile anger. I pray that our leaders will be safe, as this is a signature of fierce conflict. It can also indicate active freedom, dynamic truth, violence, explosion, accident, shake downs, earthquakes, and volcanos. It is an intense day as these Taurus planets square the Aquarius Sun, Saturn and Jupiter.

Uranus goes stationary direct on January 14th emphasizing everything the radical, unexpected and extreme. The revolutionary forces are potent now.


On January 10th, slow moving Eris in Aires, stands still as it goes stationary direct. This Female Warrior Activist, Awakener represents the people speaking out for justice, demanding to be heard and acknowledged.

The New Moon on January 12th at 9:00 PM PST at 23 Capricorn 13 is conjunct deep, cathartic, Pluto and loosely connected to Saturn. This is going to be a big reality check. Eris is squaring this New Moon, stirring the dissent for justice. The year begins with a a potent and transformational moon cycle.

Set a personal intention for your own transformation on a grander scale. It is beautiful to have Haumea in Libra, the Goddess of regeneration and rebirth on the other forms a T-square with Haumea, a spiritual dwarf planet, is the higher octave of Venus and Neptune. She symbolizes enormous magical, creativity and renewal. As we watch the old crumble, we need to focus on the how we can creatively renew and revive new humanitarian values.

Neptune in Pisces (illusion and delusion) is forming an exact square to the Nodes, which are in Gemini and Sagittarius, the axis of dissemination of knowledge and information. There is so much confusion and false information in media. We do not know truth from fiction.

We must ride this wave of change as detached witnesses. Let the old go with love in our hearts. There are tremendous amounts of light coming into our planet. We are in a powerful evolutionary cycle. We need new models to emanate. The Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey is a perfect balance integrated archetype to awaken.

To be a Goddess means to remember your Divine Light within. All you have to do is to is love, be compassion and allow others and what Is. To embody the Warrior, is to commit to be present, responsible, and intentional. The Hero’s Journey gives a step-by step process to arouse to our True Nature. My series A Toolkit for Awakening are coming soon. Let us decide to embody love and presence and ride this transformational wave of positive change.

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